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My Shadow

My Shadow: – 2-19-17, I seen My Shadow; seems Spring was here in Northern Pennsylvania; for a Couple Days.

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Lillibridge Creek Waterfalls

Lillibridge Creek Waterfalls: – I took these Pictures Sunday, while taking My two Boys to the Park up at the School.


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My children's book Tina's Adventures: First Day of School out now

Hello, my dear!

Just a quick post to let you know that my new children’s book Tina’s Adventures: First Day of School is out now and it is available in mobi format (for your Kindle). 136 more words

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Day Ride #4 (Remote Control Truck)

Day Ride #4 (Remote Control Truck): – Another Video I captured with My Nikon Camera, strapped to a Remote Control Truck. Rough Riding through My Yard.

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Black Birds #1

Black Birds #1: – Typically there is 50+ Black Birds, Nesting in the Pine Trees, behind My House; in Northern Pennsylvania.

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Cloudy Skies #6

Cloudy Skies #6: – I took these Pictures Yesterday 2-17-17, during the Nice warm Day; we had in Northern Pennsylvania. Turned out to be a Beautiful Day in the 50’s. 111 more words


Ice Chunk #1

Ice Chunk #1: – This chunk of Ice was created from the Snow accumulation in one of My Kids small Pools. My oldest Boy wanted to pry it out of the Pool I just tipped it over. 121 more words