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Giving Your Heart Wings

UnBoxMe is one of my Zazzle stores with products I have created with my art. I have been having a very hard time trying to find time for my creativity, hence my absence from my beloved blog. 224 more words


What is the benefits of Estriol combine with Vitamin A?

Skin aging, especially in the face, is associated with a progressive increase in sagging tissues and a reduction in elasticity. In menopausal and postmenopausal women, estrogen administration increases collagen content, dermal thickness and elasticity, while decreasing aging dry skin. 320 more words


Why do we use Plant Stem cells in our products ?

The skin is made of 3 parts: (1) The Epidermis, (2) The Dermis and (3) The Hypodermis.

The Skin Stem cells are found in the Epidermis and are responsible for constant renewal of our skin and for healing wounds. 552 more words


The app allows you to manage your business, specify in in/out storage management, all the thing you must do is just scan your product’s bar code and…nothing else, this app will do the rest, It’ll store and sort all data about your product depend on your pre-config.


This is an utility for driver, the app provides all location of gas stations, car parks, garages follow search conditions such as: car’s manufacture, search radius, current location,…. 64 more words

My Products

This is a pair of client-server app, this app help people in an office, home make their life more easier. Imagine, you’re at tenth floor and printer is out of paper, but paper are stored in the ware house on second floor, now you can open my app and touch on an icon such as “Out Of Paper”, and now every device which has installed this app will know that and some one will bring paper for you if convenient(ofcourse!!!).


This app is a kind of analytic app, it can analyze visitor percents of a store every day, percents of revenue, percents of selling product…and report as charts. 23 more words