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Cloudy Skies #9

Cloudy Skies #9: – Pictures of the Sky during different days of the week in Port Allegany.


Click “Continue Reading”, to see more Pictures in this Collection. 111 more words


Black Birds in Port Allegany

Black Birds in Port Allegany: – I was outside with my Cell Phone as I seen this Group of Black Birds Fly over head in Port Allegany.


Science with My Peeps

Spring is coming (right?!?) and I’m getting ready for my favorite kind of seasonal class room fun – candy science activities!

Weather you love them or hate them (ME!) in your Easter basket, peeps make great for some great science! 344 more words


Me to You

About Me to You: – 

Hello, I am a Widowed Father, of two Young Boys 8; and 9 years of Age. I do Computer Repair/Recycling, and I like to take Pictures; of the different Elements of Nature. 145 more words

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Welfare Reform (My Plan to Reform Welfare)

Welfare Reform (My Plan to Reform Welfare): – This is My Plan to help Reform the Welfare System. Offering a 6 Month Grace period, will Eliminate Constant Application Processes; and Hiring of only Case Workers. 32 more words

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Making Rainbows {a simple candy science experiment}

I love simple science experiments that have amazing results!  This candy science experiment couldn’t be easier and it’s guarenteed to amaze!  It’s the perfect introduction to the scientific method and the process of asking a question and investigating to find the answer. 181 more words


Bubble in the Glass

Bubble in the Glass: – I was looking out My Windows, and seen the Bubble. So I grabbed My Camera to see what kind of Picture I would get. 121 more words