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Mittens, mittens everywhere and not a pair to wear!

Ok.. perhaps I’m over-exaggerating a wee bit.

There is one ginormous pair of mittens that can be worn: my first pair.

And I do wear them – with a pair of crocheted fingerless mitts underneath so that they don’t slip off. 391 more words

My Projects

Dreaming of...polka dots, pearls and productivity.

Well, I have the first 2 sorted in this outfit, and despite appearances (or lack thereof), I have been very productive behind the scenes too! Just not on the blog posting front. 298 more words

My Projects

About My Untitled Project

The game I am planning to make I want to give it a character that you play at the same time as making it a management strategy game, the general premise is that you are just some random person off the street in the 1920s during the American prohibition and you start off with nothing but an apartment and you can gain more money by extorting shops and mugging people gaining more and more money and eventually buying business and hiring henchmen and you will work your way up through the criminal empire and ending the game as the leader of your own mob with your own family, henchmen and home mansion. 193 more words

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Space Nietzsche Bot

Space Nietzsche

“A color for the weather” @space_nietzsche

I wanted to get experience using nodeJS so I decided to do my bot using it. After looking at many bots out there and following a couple of tutorials on how to make a bot, i decided to create my own! 129 more words

My Projects

Gold Award!

I’m so happy to announce that my project Iowa Gifts & Souvenirs won Gold American Advertising Award. This is my third award from the AAF (American Advertising Federation)! 36 more words