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A New Slow Sweater, What it Says, and the Idea of Knitting “And”



You know how sometimes you see someone, a stranger, and without meaning to, you imagine that whatever they’re wearing and whatever car they drive are the things they have chosen out of all possible options, that these things say something meaningful about their personality and their life? 1,194 more words

Heart And Mind—Deep Thoughts

“But it’s gonna be so cool when it’s done!”

I made my first Halloween costume in grade one.

It was craft time in Madam Lavallee’s class and in a fit of inspiration I cobbled together my very own Batman Batsuit out of black construction paper, staples, and orange yarn. 1,889 more words



Educational software about an application that replaces the old teaching method: traditional cookbooks and cooking programs. The application is interactive and based on a dialogue between the user  and interface, a new learning experience. 7 more words

My Projects

Interactive Word Cup

Interactive representation that provides information about the games and victories of the World Cup that took place in the host country.

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My Projects

Bonding & Fit

The Concept of a site to convince women after childbirth that fitness with babies is necessary.

The site is for women who do not have time, or the possibility to practice outside the home, women who do not want to leave their children with caregivers but want to be fit and beautiful.

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My Projects

Learning territories Game Generator

A one-player-versus-computer gaming mechanism is based on a “closing space”  enables the practice of declarative knowledge in various content areas using single-choice questions.

Installation Instructions

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My Projects

DePaul Liturgical Choir

When I began this project, I had a variety of different ideas as to what I wanted this video to look like. In my moving image workshop course I was given the task for my final project to capture a organization of people and share what their message and vision is as an organization. 129 more words

My Projects