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Are good writers born or made?

I am reading this interesting article about the virtual absence of creative writing programs in the education system in France. It’s making me wish that someone had offered me some hand-holding way back then and taught me how to harness and herd my natural talent into a rewarding writing career. 85 more words

Melania Daniel St. Lucia

Question: How Do I Find Customers As A Business Person?

I’m good at what I do and I know I can sell it to people, but I’ve  hit a snag. I’m trying to find customers. Researching all of this stuff is very interesting. 310 more words


A story about writer Emma Donoghue

Finally, I am taking advantage of the holiday weekend out here and I’m going to watch Room. I have been meaning to, since it came out in 2015. 222 more words

Melania Daniel St. Lucia


“No one can really explain why the heart do stuff that our brain don’t agree with, right?”

It’s annoying, really. My brain tells me to forget but my foolish heart keeps going back to the past. 152 more words

The Questions

I turned 27 this year and I just came to the point of my life as a Christian where I felt the urgency to study the Holy Bible and understand it as a whole. 1,038 more words


Hate And The Two Me

I hate you. I don’t need you.

Many people say that hating is a waste of time and that anger only ruins you. Well, they are right but what if I can’t control it?

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