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What is the difference between sweaters and sweatshirts?

You know what aggravates me? When people call sweatshirts, sweaters just pushes my buttons. I have never called sweatshirts, sweaters and vise versa. This is a very heated topic for me, so I decided to do a little research so that I could validate my argument. 109 more words

My Questions

Does hair grow faster after you cut it?

I’ve always wondered why people always say that hair grows faster when you get a haircut. I never really believed them and my hair does not grow extremely fast, so I would dread getting my hair cut. 58 more words

My Questions

Class Questions - February 10, 2018

Research Paper

  • Are these pieces enough to back what I am talking about?
    • Quote people who have put it out there before
    • Stand on the shoulders of giants…
  • 14 more words

Teacher Reflection

Questions for Students:

1. Do you think I believe that you can learn what I am teaching?

2. Do you feel that I’m committed to you being successful, and how do I show you that? 7 more words


Longing for Home

There is living in me a deep yearning. It pulls at me, like the ocean waves dragging back out at low tide. The intensity changes, the force ebbs and flows, but the tide always comes back in and goes back out again. 779 more words

I perceive

Drifting further from that distant dream,
falling prey to the lure with a scream,
A dream within a dream of a bed of roses
vaporizing like a relief, a mirage proposes. 134 more words

Close To My Heart