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Does the number 214 mean anything to you?

“Squirty, does the number 214 mean anything to you?”

“No, Dad. Try me.”

“That’s the number of hours left until you head back to London,” he exclaimed with a bold smile as he escaped through the porch door into the kitchen while Billy and Mom erupted into a state of innocent laughter. 357 more words

My Questions

Notting Hill?

“Notting Hill?” He asked, a smirk crawling across his face.

“Yes, Notting Hill.” I said in agreement.

“My darling, that is the strongest American accent I’ve heard in quite some time. 319 more words

My Questions

For one?

“For one?” She asked forgivingly, as if for a moment her whole being was overcome with a sense of loneliness.

“Yes, a table for one please.” I said with a reassuring smile as I dreamt about the situation that was about to ensue – just me, myself, a glass of complimentary prosecco and a plate full of mouth-watering tagliatelle beneath the shade of an outdoor garden overlooking the Italian mountains and lake. 226 more words

My Questions

How many shoes are too many shoes?

My alarm clock goes off at 5AM to remind me to get my tush out of bed and into the shower before boarding my morning flight to Milan. 238 more words

My Questions

Wonder what man is proud of?

Talk to anyone who has read a few books and he convinces you that the human being is the best creation on the planet. Now look at this picture with an open eye and you realize how naive that could be. 118 more words

My Learnings

"If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change"-Wayne Dyer

As I reviewed this research journal, the peer results I have received, and the articles I have chosen, I realized I was not finished. I was grasping at straws and forcing my information to fit the mold of my question, when it clearly did not. 121 more words

Peer Interview

For my interview I combined the questions from my original survey with new questions I had based on my results. I then interviewed a celebrity obsessed Sophomore in VPA, and this is what I found: 205 more words