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The Three Thanksgivings

This year I was able to eat three different thanksgiving meals. The first was brunch at my aunt’s house, which included casseroles of different varieties. The South is known for taking any sort of food and putting it in a casserole. 85 more words

My Rambles

The Flight of the Ladybugs

I awoke from my slumber to hear a buzz. I jolted out of bed, grabbed my phone, and turned on the flashlight. I already had bad experiences with ignoring a buzzing noise, so I wasn’t going to let that happen again. 216 more words

My Rambles


Something occurred to me as I was signing up for another job website. I was filling out all of my information; street address, phone number, I might as well give them my birth certificate, and then it dawned on me. 303 more words


The Hunt is Still on!

Joy rushed though her. She felt heat radiating from her cheeks as she began to write. “Why can’t I jump through this screen and talk to these people?!”, she thought, “They cannot know the… 212 more words

Creative Writing

This 'Technology' thing is HELL.

So I guess as my first post I should say something meaningful about life and the complex nature of it…

Yeah, fuck that.

I swear in this technolgy ridden world, I’m a toddler banging her fist at all the damn things that refuse to work for me.   195 more words


New Imprint for LGBT---PRIDE PUBLISHING Launches Today

Hi there! Today marks the launch of Pride Publishing, a new house from the Totally Entwined Group, best known for its flagship erotic romance publishing house, Totally Bound Publishing. 377 more words

My Rambles

Currently: June 2015

Here we are! Another month draws to a close and we are officially half way through the year!

This month made me very nostalgic as it marked the month I left New Zealand one year ago for my big trip abroad with one of my best friends… 265 more words

My Rambles