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Ramblings of the Week, April 24, 2017

Let’s see.

Did some cleaning this weekend. Usual laundry crap too. Went to Target and Trader Joe’s. Had an amazing salad we made for dinner on Saturday. 331 more words

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A PDF Story...On It's Way

I’m going to get away from the stress of yesterday’s post today.

I have basically decided to do a story that I probably won’t be posting on AO3 (I never say never) because I don’t actually think it will have a lot of interest. 339 more words

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Continuation of Weekly Rambles, 04/17

This is sort of a continuation of my rambles from yesterday, I guess.

So over the weekend, I didn’t post any updates on AO3. Yesterday I posted an update on When it Began (it had been about a month since I’d updated that story) and I lost two subscribers. 376 more words


Ramblings of the Week, April 17, 2017

So I have today off work, which is always a good thing.

Had a nice weekend. Was alone for most of Saturday, but spent it writing, watching stuff, and playing games. 174 more words

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Fun Facts About My Stories (I think so anyway)

Story with the most hits:  40,836 Lessons of Love

Story with the most kudos: 1826 Lesson’s of Love

Story with the most bookmarks (including private bookmarks): 508  70 more words

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Movie Reviews 04.2017 Edition

Here are the recent movies I’ve seen and my review of them:

Spoilers ahead

Kong: Skull Island

Man proves how evil they are once again, really. 571 more words

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Ramblings of the Week, April 10

This weekend was a social horror for me.

I had to do a birthday party for a two year old on Saturday and we were there from 10 to 10 with lots of loud obnoxious people and by the time I was able to go home I was more than done. 198 more words

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