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If You Really Knew Me...

This weekend, I attended a Leadership Institute held by Pi Beta Phi at Washington University. Saturday, we did an exercise called “If You Really Knew Me.” For those who don’t know, during this exercise you have a partner (or you stand up in front of the entire group) and say “If you really knew me, you’d know that I *fill in the blank*.” It normally starts out lighthearted and then turns into some deeper things. 554 more words

My Ramblings

Learn to windsurf in an hour...

Taking it easy this weekend because I pulled my back on “holiday” in the UK, I have to say that Deep Heat, while being a useful tool for muscle strains after sport, has not proven very powerful for true muscle problems. 83 more words


Ironmen and triathlons

I am not a big fan of running and find the gym tedious but need to get incentivised so, after realising that training for halfmarathons was tedious I decided to try a triathlon. 381 more words

My Ramblings

Tubbyman reblogged this on Tubbyman Tales and commented:

Currently struggling from a bad back, back pain is so annoying, so thought I'd "reblog" an old fitness post to give myself some inspiration, maybe aim to do the Cayman Triathlon this November...

In just 3 years....

If you have a Facebook account, you might be familiar with a semi-new feature called, “On this day”.  It allows you to look back on your posts that you made that day, from years ago. 465 more words

Writings By Lynn K. Scott

Found my camera

I found my camera the other day and thought I’d put up some pictures of my balcony that isn’t totally bad like my iPhone pictures 😏 10 more words


What a Time to be Alive

Can I get a hell yeah?!

Amid the recent uptick of fem power, pro acceptance, body positivity and saying F-you to beauty standards, I am proud to be alive during a time with massive cultural shifts. 587 more words

My Life

The Race Card-A White Girl's Opinion

People are scared. That’s what it boils down to. All of the protesting, the shooting, and the fallout between peoples is because of fear.

Sure, there are injustices in the world, and people are not always treated with the respect they deserve or treated fairly. 687 more words