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Enjoying A Relationship With Myself

Just rambling on today…

“Codependency underlies all addictions. The core symptom of “dependency” manifests as reliance on a person, substance, or process (i.e., activity, such as gambling or sex addiction). 673 more words


Quirky and Fun (Original idea set in the Potterverse)

“Why do I put up with you again?” Draco complained, arms full of shopping bags, wishing he could shrink them all and put them in his pocket.  154 more words

My Ramblings

Plan? What Plan? (Response to a writing prompt found on Pinterest)

“Well someone thought it would be a good idea to throw our backup plan off a bridge.”  Hermione looked extremely put out.

“It was on… 280 more words

My Ramblings

One More Time... (Original idea set in the Potterverse)

Agilbert Fontaine, headmaster of Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, looked over the list of incoming students and sighed heavily.  While he loved seeing all the bright young faces at the beginning of every year, he was becoming weary of his administrative duties.  95 more words

My Ramblings

Some true things

for me to remember

when living here feels hard.

I’ve moved 3894 miles away from home to a country I’ve never even visited before.
“Do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go” – Joshua 1:9… 128 more words

No Time To Feel Guilty (Response to a writing prompt found on Pinterest)

“Do you feel guilty?  Like, at all?”

“I don’t have time to feel guilty.  And neither do you.”

“That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t anyway.  What you did, Harry—” 152 more words

My Ramblings

My Guardian Angel Hates Me (Response to a writing prompt found on Pinterest)

My guardian angel hates me, I know he does.  He must, it’s the only thing that explains why I keep surviving, but only barely.  He still has to do his job…technically.  122 more words

My Ramblings