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A craft post - the bench project

One of my New Year’s Resolutions for 2017 was to make time for more creative stuff. I decided I will do one project a month, ideally small enough to do over a weekend. 1,298 more words

My Ramblings

Fumbling Towards Ecstacy

Finding a rhythm is so cathartic.

I’m seeing a guy – a really great guy. And because he’s really great, I assume he’s not going to be into me for long. 160 more words

My Life

Why my friends are the best!

I have a fantastic circle of friends who somehow put up with my craziness and accept my level of psycho and savagery.  I love them so much and I wouldn’t be able to function without them, especially Midnight. 248 more words

My Ramblings!

Writers Block - Does it really exist?

To that question I am not really sure of the answer.

I mean what is writers block?

A lack of ideas. Is it when the characters do not want to travel in the same direction as you wish then too. 379 more words

Caroline F Levy

A Lovely Idea

I have come across a few resources on forgiveness over the last several weeks, all of which are probably better than anything I could tell you. 2,258 more words

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A Disclaimer...

So, I’m sitting here trying to accept the fact that we’re out of school tomorrow. I am not a fan. Mostly because we just went back to school, and now, when I’m actually caught up and am actually ahead in my planning, I’m going to have to shift my lesson plans around. 533 more words

My Ramblings

Happy New Year Writers Block

Happy New year!

New year new me, right? Ha! No! Though, of course, there are many things I need to improve on but I’m not going to sit here and tell myself a load of crap like… 518 more words

My Ramblings