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My balcony is usable again!!1!one!

My fantastic uncle helped me out with getting the last of the trash from this winters building project taken away, and it’s finally usable again. He generously hired a firm to come get it so that he wouldn’t have to do it himself. 111 more words

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This whole blogging thing

I’ve been meaning to write something like this for a little while, to “celebrate” hitting 50 blog posts, which I did in April, but things got a little busy at work. 564 more words

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Entertain me, or maybe not?

I have real problems watching TV these days, but a smaller screen like an iPad and using headphones works for some reason. Following new shows and storylines is really difficult for me, and with all the great stuff I read is out there now it makes me sad. 251 more words

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Wow, so, hey! What a turn up for the books (pun always intended). Let’s catch you up:

I still haven’t finished Rivka’s Christmas present and her birthday is right around the corner as well. 1,176 more words

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A "one man" crime wave in Africa

This baboon is looking a bit smug, although he’s not quite worked out how to properly drink apple juice. I heard recently that chimpanzees have entered the “stone age”, able to work out how to use tools. 485 more words


My Ramblings: Reading books for school

Haai readers! In this post, I’m going to ramble about a subject we probably all have experiences with: The Reading List for School!  *DUN DUN DUUUN* 1,044 more words


Oh boy do I want this project

I am bit above normally interested in architecture, restoration and interior design. I have a dream of owning a country house that I could restore and make my own. 209 more words

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