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A House but not a Home

I was reminded recently of what a house is for – our shit. Wait, hold up, I meant things. Yes. Things. Not shit. Sorry. I know it’s not shit, you’re going to use it for an art project. 406 more words


Big 10 Triathlon: Event Report

The Big 10 Triathlon was an idea I came up with whilst studying for my exams back in May.  To make it more than just an idea I thought I needed to commit to it from early on so decided to do this ‘event’ for charity.  2,406 more words

My Ramblings

I knew this wouldn't come easily..

Oh boy… It has been a long time since I touched this “website” or “blog” for various reasons. Mainly because it felt unnecessary to post or edit anything on here. 592 more words

My Ramblings

Your Recovery is Your Recovery

Something popped into my mind a little while ago and for some reason I can’t get it out. So, I figured it was the perfect topic for a blog post. 652 more words


How to Deal With Success

There is a mass of humanity here in this city and they stumble around like zombies in the night.  Unsure of their purpose but clear to the task in a frenzied search for fame and fortune.  374 more words


I have a decision to make...

A funny thing happened on the way to the office today…Nah, I just really wanted to say that, but something interesting did happen and it is giving me the opportunity to stretch myself and test myself in several areas.  1,006 more words


[My Ramblings] Audiobooks

Everywhere  I turn, people are talking about adiobooks; how good and convenient they are. I didn’t know much about them until recently, I still don’t; but what I do know is that they’re not my cup of tea.  310 more words