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My History Of Love (Well...Lack Of)

Warning: This post is very long, grab a cup of tea and/or popcorn for this master piece.

There are probably a million reasons why i’m single. 1,666 more words


Life is good

My life is always so good that I’m never waiting for some day in the future when things will be better. More than anything I’m enjoying each day like it’s the rare treasure that it is and already feeling nostalgic for each passing minute. 31 more words


Kiddo's Komparison Korner

I’m just sittin’ here with my big a$$ belly stickin’ out in front of me like I’m the lady with 3 boobs in Kung Pow: Enter the Fist except my third boob is waaay bigger and has an inverted nipple ~ Kiddo’s Komparison Korner


Swimming against the current, running against the wind and going against the grain. I can proudly say I’ve earned everything that I’ve gotten but goddamn the wrinkles and grey hairs!!


More than One Me by jdr

Can you love more than one me
and except who I’ll be?
Don’t worry the voices in my head only talk to me.
Many different aspects you’ll see, 131 more words

My Life

Master and Servant

This is not like the intimate games that are played in darkened rooms where pleasure is attained.

This game is torture and the servant has no “safe word” to set her free. 19 more words

Coming Undone


El último apretón energético ha activado la expulsión del cuerpo de todo aquello que no tendría que estar en él. La piel es la última barrera física y mientras que se completa la limpieza, noto diferencias en algunas funciones corporales. 62 more words