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Turning away from the world,
I wondered instead,
Who am I?
A woman made of mud,
Of sparks and space,
Of gender and race,
Of mistakes, 283 more words



I am living in worlds, and other worlds
Living in worlds inside of worlds
Truthful worlds and worlds lying
Worlds alive
Worlds dying
Worlds trying… 159 more words



Mankind without direction
Without reflection
Without inspection
Without coherence or connection
Dust and disintegrating borders
Landscapes without definition
Surrounded by psychopaths
Smothered by mutants running wild… 60 more words


A Fractured Mind, Part Two:

There is a madness in the air, more disturbing than the Rite of Spring. The forest is full of thistles and thorns and, the ravens are reciting the history of the world. 140 more words


It's Time To Move On

Arrrrrrghhh… Not even sure where to begin this particular post but I’m just going to start it anyway. I’m so pissed, angry and frustrated with Nigerians. 517 more words

My Reality

Things I see - rough draft

​Teenage pregnancy and drug dependency. Single mothers pop pills because of societal ills. Those snotty nosed broken clothed children knocking on your door for food, are the same kids I walk past everyday in the hood. 284 more words

To Reach Out Or Not

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve learned a lot. I mean, a whole lot more than I prepared for. First of it is to never finish spending your December salary in December. 668 more words

My Reality