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A Great Time

(Me, Joseph Solomon and my sister.)

September is a month full of transition. Summer ending, fall beginning. Trying new things. I am a total introvert but now that I am in my 30’s, I want to do more. 126 more words

My Reality

I am my Mama's Daughter, I am not my Mama

I have a vivid picture of my mother in my mind, maybe even in my heart; a steely black woman going about her daily chores, a slight frown on her face that leaves a permanent furrow between her eyebrows. 753 more words


A Snake, a Tree and a Daughter of Eve

It is mother’s day today and as we do every Sunday, my children and I went to Church. Service was amazing, the sermon was electrifying and uplifting, and, of course dedicated to all women in the church. 1,171 more words

My Reality

Daddy and his ugly duckling

That memory is fresh in my mind, fresh like it was just yesterday; one of my brothers telling my mum how he denied I was his sibling because my ugly face embarrassed him so. 1,771 more words


Trying to plan and organise

So 3:45 am baby coughing me awake. Baby please take water I say and the response is “No”. OK so now I am awake alarm ready to greet my morning as have set up a morning routine for waking up early and getting ready all by 8am. 78 more words

Kaleidoscope Cracked

My vision is curled ribbons of tattered cloth torn from my heart.

Nothing else matters, waiting for the spinning to control my every move.

I falter and inch towards the corners of my mind for safety. 34 more words

My Story

Kashmir @The Burning Paradise

If you haven’t seen kashmir, then your life is a mess.. @enough for its praise.

Due to strikes, curfews, stone pelting without any true goal has set kashmir on fire. 91 more words

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