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Reality of our Dating Worlds...

I was talking with my Sister tonight about our commitment to Dating and the reality that despite blogging our journey we are not committed to finding the Right Man 100%. 424 more words



Dewald and Chandre were pretty clear that our meeting wasn’t just by chance. I actually came across one and with the other he came across me… And nothing ever transpired with the two because I was already deep into the weeds over Brendon. 746 more words


Things I see - rough draft

​Teenage pregnancy and drug dependency. Single mothers pop pills because of societal ills. Those snotty nosed broken clothed children knocking on your door for food, are the same kids I walk past everyday in the hood. 284 more words

To Reach Out Or Not

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve learned a lot. I mean, a whole lot more than I prepared for. First of it is to never finish spending your December salary in December. 668 more words

My Reality

The Doll

She had Amber Waves of Curls &
when She was Good She was very,
very Good & when She was Bad She
was Even Better. Many called Her… 89 more words


an ugly truth is always better than a pretty lie...

<<anyone that gets butt hurt over swear words DON’T read, anyone that has OCD over poor punctuation DON’T read. blurted this out as the emotions and thoughts raced through my head, it’s raw, it’s my truth, it’s where my head was at during this time>> 1,921 more words

Be Who You Are. Be Your Normal.

Normal. An otherwise mundane word were it not for the fact that everybody defines it differently. What is “normal” really? 

A movie star’s normal would consist of endless movie promotions, trips to studios, memorizing lines, flights across the world, and so on. 668 more words

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