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Out The Box

I am not normal.
An arsonist I’m scorching,
Yes I’m a fire starter,
give you a word of caution.

I’m in my own space.
Just call me Skywalker. 115 more words


My favorite people...

People who are the favorite person of their favorite person are my favorite people. They’re just SO RIDICULOUSLY HAPPY that it’s hard not to love them. 508 more words


Me Scribbling

This is one of my habits ever since I was a young teenager; holding a pen, grabbing a piece of paper, and writing my inside out until I am relieved. 385 more words

Spontaneous Thoughts


While I should be creating, doing, functioning – this (above) is me. Unabashedly fast asleep. My tools around, my pretend or make believe life keeping me nice and warm. 124 more words


Just Leave Me Alone

So my own house,
becomes a ghost town,
with no residents,
it’s evident.

They keep me in the dark,
while they’re developing,
the negative from thoughts, 115 more words



Sludge poured in my brain I can’t think,
comprehension limited
and I forget the little things,
I struggle with the simple tasks,
I get embarrassed other customers are laughing, 119 more words


I am NOT

I am not my sister

Although I love her still, we are not the same.

We never were…

Our largest connection was my father, whom we both idolized. 105 more words