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There is always something (thank my Lord) in my Christian walk that feel so “extra” real I could touch it. Right now it’s adoption. That the noun explains my reality right now. 85 more words

Scribbles Of The Soul

Physical Me

I just don’t understand
what’s going on,
my physical being.
A million different feelings
tearing in pieces.
My mental state a civil war,
opposing sides get to… 100 more words


Welcome To My World: Part 1

i realize that i’ve never talked about the other world i live in. the one that i must say, is doing half the work of keeping me sane. 509 more words

An Adventure

The Worst Day Begins

My sweet hound wakes me from my bed on the sofa earlier than I would have liked but I drag myself out from under a pile of pillows to give him breakfast. 226 more words

Coming Undone

4 Days Off

4 days off due to the blinding pain that recurs each year as I relive my father’s death.

I will try to take this forum and speak to you but all that has been said is true: 21 more words

Alone With You

I'll Never Understand

I could listen to a person,
observant and learn
a million things.
Not behind a curtain,
suspended from one of
thirty strings.
It’s hard to be friendly, 113 more words


Random Thoughts

I could listen to a song
but only my voice would move.
The kid that used to dance,
just can’t put two shoes
to good use. 107 more words