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Sad & Depressed But Don't Know Why

I know I’ve written in a really long while, well that’s because nothing has been happening or rather nothing worth writing about. I’m still single, chubby and broke (just kidding or maybe not). 797 more words

My Reality

Don’t attempt to use me

To massage your guilt.

Don’t act like you don’t remember, what you put me through.

The walls you slammed me into… 246 more words


[1: 1,882 of 10,000] My Eulogy

She grouped the clothes hangers with the same color and type, she donated extra $5 twice to a fund raising to round off the collection, but she was never diagnosed with OCD because she never get herself tested. 237 more words


To him

To him in my dreams

I can not stop thinking about it. I can not stop thinking about that kiss. That bad and weird kiss. The smell of beer and cigarettes in my nose. 985 more words


Relatability. Or not.

I’m not sure I am relatable to you. At all. I’m not sure my posts ring true to anyone. I just ramble. But I ramble honestly. 549 more words


Desperate for quiet when your voice betrays your brain and yet there is no peace. You cannot phathom that your delusions are false; quiet please – I cry in the softest voice. 21 more words

My Story


I live in fear of everything and it is no way to live. Is it living, or surviving?

Today I say the words:

“I will NOT live in fear!” 25 more words

Coming Undone