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Right Or Wrong

I’m gone fill these ditches,
not go ’round em,
frames on pictures.
I’m addicted to making sense of,
right and wrong thoughts,
I get these mixed up. 114 more words


Broken Mirrors

Every time I open up my mouth,
to speak a waste of breath.
The air around me getting cold,
I’m like a corpse ignoring death. 121 more words


Foolishness Of Forgetfulness

Mistakes have been made,
I stumbled in darkness afraid.
I was out of line with my words,
they ran off the page.
How could I be so stupid really, 105 more words


Where are you...?

I don’t even know who you are…  but I miss reading your beautiful words of support to me.  I know you are hurting in your own world…  let me give you back the support you need!   125 more words


Not 100%

I always feel like I am not 100% here. When I was a kid I developed a top layer which allows me to interact, but in my basic self I am very aloof and cautious. 2,467 more words



Within a sea of forgetfulness I’m taking swimming lessons for the rest of this, time that I spend on this earth I will not be a dog on a leash cuz I know I’m worth, more than a hundred million dollars you got a problem then meet up by the church, I just can’t believe that I let you dictate all the terms I’m contesting you missed your turn. 141 more words



I haven’t written in a minute starting over so that you’ll get the gist of it.
in this moment I have been avoiding I want to get over with finish this. 168 more words