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Random Thoughts

I could listen to a song
but only my voice would move.
The kid that used to dance,
just can’t put two shoes
to good use. 107 more words


True stories...

Through the steam I found myself flirting with my seductive shower head and it’s not even detachable

My left knee sports a big blue tender sex bruise while the bunion on my right foot pulses with a hot throbbing ache. 24 more words



You requested “confrontations”, be careful what you wish for…

Why is it that in almost four years:

• I am unemployed

• Have no direction… 56 more words

Coming Undone

Growing Up

Last night I had the saddest
dream. Then confirmed it’s
meaning discussed, with a friend
received it. It’s message,
was that I had to grow up. 178 more words


Idle Wonder

I’m sitting here just writing out
my thoughts put em on paper,
circle em with chalk cause this is
murda. Putting in work punching
time cards, pass em out in a tight… 162 more words



This is not an inspirational piece.
It’s about me facing my fears,
and not behind a door screened.
Life didn’t make it easy.
So why would I sugar coat it? 188 more words


Mistakes and Binges

NO diet pill on Earth can fix the binging that is a direct result of my misery. My mistakes haunt me like ghosts – poltergeists that have taken over my entire body. 145 more words

Coming Undone