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Falling in love with Mr. Wrong

Sometimes it’s hard to draw the line between being insanely attracted to someone and being in love with that person. For me love is a very confusing sickness or feeling, it’s really hard to say what exactly the symptoms are because unlike malaria it’s not the same with everybody. 565 more words

My Reality


Insecurity is “uncertainty or anxiety about yourself or simply put the lack of confidence.” I can only speak for myself not everyone else, but this is a battle I am constantly fighting. 482 more words

My Reality

Uncle Martins Turns Martins (Agbaya Uncles)

Growing up was fun for me and my siblings, I mean we were not rich but we were not poor either and we were surrounded by neighbors, friends and church members. 507 more words

My Reality

The Side Chick Syndrome

This is basically unavoidable at the age of our lives, some people just come out straight to tell you what your position will be in his life. 761 more words

My Reality

Beauty: Defining our own beauty

Too big, too small, too tall, too short, long hair, short hair, too light, too dark… All of these superlatives are exhausting to keep up with! 135 more words

Mental Health

How quickly life can change: Car accident 

Tuesday, November 8th, 2016 made history. At 6:58pm I made a left turn that drastically affected my life. Not only was I headed back to the homeless shelter where I am living, I had made a conscious decision to leave the election viewing party that I was supposed to volunteer at. 170 more words

From where I'm sitting

I woke up on election day ready to make history. This would be my first time voting and I was ecstatic to be voting for the first female president. 796 more words