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I'm not really poly...

I’m not really poly, I just found my self here by accident. I’m monogamish. I could involve others in my sex life on the peripheral but not get emotional involved with them. 388 more words


Letter to my unadopted child

Hello kid,

I hope life so far has treated you well. Statstically it hasn’t, and if you are one of those statstics I’m sorry. I wish I could reach into your history and fix what went wrong. 487 more words

My Relationships


I’ve always had my kink, it’s been their lurking in my first consciousness memories.  My narrative has always been about trying to process it, trying to make it fit into my life, trying to make it fit into the world. 759 more words


My partner doesn't want to have a baby

The baby question – the decision to have or not have children- should be at the top of the list of things that couples should discuss and negotiate before making a life-long commitment. 529 more words

Having Children

My First "Trans" Date

“The trouble, of course, will be when you open your charisma hole and half the restaurant ends up at our table.”

That quote is one of the most flattering things I’ve ever had said about me because I don’t really view myself as a charismatic person. 303 more words


An Ode To A Place

There is a park a short drive outside of the city where I live. It’s out of the way of the city traffic, and surrounded by upscale, rustic homes. 876 more words


Stella, Prince Charming, Workplace Relationships, and Dinner

My Stella, who works as a librarian at a nearby university, normally has weekends off. Yesterday she got called into work to cover for someone else’s evening shift. 542 more words