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Me first!

Call me selfish, call me moody – but the fact is, I have half of the world¬†drooling over my pulsating moves. I am vagina… 209 more words


The Love & Joy of Sex

I remember, age 14, being ready to sleep with my then boyfriend, Jimmy¬†Pratt. I was gagging for it, in fact. I’d been reading about sex in books by Judy Blume and magazines like More! 974 more words


Review: My Golden Days, 2016, dir. Arnaud Desplechin

Oh, memory is a hazy, funny thing. Time spent in our reveries can take us from point A to point G across the span of our lives, and even if it doesn’t make any kind of external sense, it makes total internal sense. 60 more words


Last night

My boyfriend was super horny last night his hands were everywhere.

I’ve discovered that I really like him rubbing my slit while I still have my pants on. 111 more words

My Sex Life


Got way too drunk on Saturday to do anything.

Sunday afternoon gave boyfriend a BJ and a lot of ball sack licking (he loves that) He briefly ate me out then fucked me doggy.

My Sex Life

Shopping Update!

Well yes my boyfriend does hate it ha!

I knew it was big but it wasn’t until I had it in my hands did I realise just how big it is. 85 more words

My Sex Life


I’ve just bought one of these my bf is going to fucking hate this.

My Sex Life