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A Philosophical Debate: Dualism versus Materialism

In 2005, I took a Philosophy of Religion class with Dr. L. Stafford Betty at California State University, Bakersfield. One of the many class readings I read that quarter was his (2004) … 1,698 more words

My Spirituality

Pope Francis

Philly has gone Pope crazy for his arrival this weekend. I won’t pretend like I am an avid Pope worshiper, but my heart can’t help but acknowledge his kindness and intellect. 41 more words

On Spirituality at 20-years-old... part III

For Part I of the series, check out the original blog post On Spirituality at 20-years-old… For Part II of the series, check out One Spirituality at 20-years-old… part II. 1,129 more words


On Spirituality at 20-years-old... Part II

For Part I of this series, check out the original blog post On Spirituality at 20-years-old…┬áThese continued thoughts and ideas of my evolving spirituality are shared only to understand my own spiritual development and how it relates to what I’ve found harmony with in Freemasonry. 1,020 more words


On Spirituality at 20-years-old... Part I

Recently, I found a cache of my old writings. Many of these were an exploration of my own spirituality, trying to understand what I believed. I grew up in a rather fundamentalistic Christianity, which did not jive well with my observant young mind. 1,372 more words


A Spiritual Murmuring on Coincidence

When connections are found between two seemingly unconnected parts of our lives, those moments, strange coincidences, are when I truly see God and believe in a universal connectedness. 887 more words


A Brief Look Into My Spirituality

Before I became a Freemason, I explored my own spirituality a lot. I just kind of let it come out, and I wrote a bunch about what I was thinking, feeling, etc. 377 more words