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Mulan was a female hero in the Chinese history. She disguised as a man and joint the army instead of her father to fight against invaders. 140 more words

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Maybe Tomorrow

This song, Maybe Tomorrow, is written by a Taiwanese singer A-mei. But when a Chinese mainland singer, Beina Yao, sung the song at the Voice of China, it touched my heart. 287 more words

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 Three Things Make Me Happy

In this post, I want to talk about three things I like. They are Chinese Classical Poetry,  rhododendrons and cooking.

Chinese Classical Poetry

I was fascinated by Chinese Classical Poetry when I was in high school. 503 more words

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Blog recommend: Travelling in Farwest of China

Since I am writing a blog about Chinese language, I think it would be great for me to recommend you a blog about China. This is the blog link: 174 more words

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What a Wonderful Cultural Fest

I really appreciate Language Institute for giving us an opportunity to learn foreign cultures. I have seen the great pictures from Libya, tasted desserts and coffee from Saudi Arabia, learnt how to speak “I” and “good” in Arabian, seen the beautiful traditional clothing from Korea and Turkey. 112 more words

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A Chinese Joke #3

This is a Chinese joke about an English guy who created an awkward situation for himself when he was learning Chinese. 150 more words

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