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Aliens Drive Me Crazy

This is a essay I write for my grammar course. It’s a true story of my childhood when I was obsessed by aliens. I think it will be fun to post it here. 575 more words

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The Final Post

About My Blog Journey

I started this blog because I felt awkward when people asked my name. A foreign name is always uneasy for everyone. So I wrote this blog to teach people how to recognize and pronounce a Chinese name. 390 more words

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Moe's Restaurant

Last Sunday, when I was busy to prepare my final exams, I thought maybe I could go to a restaurant to have a diner to save some time. 348 more words

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Mulan was a female hero in the Chinese history. She disguised as a man and joint the army instead of her father to fight against invaders. 140 more words

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Maybe Tomorrow

This song, Maybe Tomorrow, is written by a Taiwanese singer A-mei. But when a Chinese mainland singer, Beina Yao, sung the song at the Voice of China, it touched my heart. 287 more words

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 Three Things Make Me Happy

In this post, I want to talk about three things I like. They are Chinese Classical Poetry,  rhododendrons and cooking.

Chinese Classical Poetry

I was fascinated by Chinese Classical Poetry when I was in high school. 503 more words

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Blog recommend: Travelling in Farwest of China

Since I am writing a blog about Chinese language, I think it would be great for me to recommend you a blog about China. This is the blog link: 174 more words

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