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Revelation (Mother Earth)

So Ozzy gets fired from Sabbath because he’s apparently more wasted than the rest of the other guys in the band, and while he is wasted in L.A, all the people around him, manage to put a band together which involves Randy Rhoads, Bob Daisley and Lee Kerslake. 706 more words


Where to hike on Valentine's Day - Great Falls Park

My wife and I planned ahead that we would go hiking on Valentine’s Day. It was sunny after two days of steady rain. But it was also a cold day, near freezing. 1,284 more words

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A trip with her!

After returning to Peru, I spent time reconecting with my family. By the way, I have 4 siblings, 12 newphews and nieces and 1 great-niece (apart from many anties, uncles and cousins). 457 more words

My Stories

Rewind : Fast Forward

In the Guitar November 1996 issue I mentioned in a previous post, there is another section called “Rewind/Fast Forward”, that catches up with “guitar veterans” who have new projects in the works, or the section can be used as a one stop shop to check out and see what these guitarists from the past are up to. 667 more words


Warp Speed

I remember someone telling me, or I read it someplace, (I can’t remember) that time goes faster as you age.

Now, I know time doesn’t really go faster or slower, it stays the same.  395 more words

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Nothing Is Guaranteed and Nothing Is Certain

There is a post over at Seth Godin’s blog called “Borrowed Time”.

It goes like this;

All of us are on borrowed time. There are no refunds and there are no guarantees. 551 more words


Weekend Writing Warriors – #8sunday

We’re still on my fairytale novella, Someone Else’s Shoes, that’ll be in the box set Once Upon Another World.

For those catching up, it’s set in the same spellster series world as… 205 more words

My Stories