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Inquiry Entry #1

How can you still look down upon me 

When I hold my head up higher?


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What to do when an old love doesn't want to let go, and the new love isn't sure she should hold on

Peace. I’m getting close on this one, y’all. It will be out this month. This blog snippet picks up where last weeks left off. Billy’s inspecting Kae’s injuries and making the opening move in his bid for her hand – getting rid of an old entanglement. 542 more words

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INTRODUCING... The Inquiry Entries!

Here it is, the big announcement we’ve all been waiting for…

Remember The Quiet Diaries from way back when? Probably not, but so you can catch up with me here, The Quiet Diaries was a collection of sorts for random lines of “poetry” that came to my head. 255 more words

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Decision making be looking like rocket science😂

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Cover Reveal! 'Kae and The Rage' Coming Soon

So, here it is, the cover for my next book “Kae and The Rage.” It’s a new adult,  or young adult – which is the right term? 110 more words

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The Midnight Road: Chapter 5

This is the final installment, so enjoy!

If you haven’t had the chance, make sure to read Chapters 1-4! Chapter 1 can be found here… 1,997 more words

The Midnight Road: Chapter 4

Check out Chapters 1, 2, and 3!

Chapter Four

Deputy Clarkson had been a wonderfully good sport up until this point, but when presented with the prospect of crossing the threshold of this house, he balked. 2,781 more words