BBFBR Book Club #3 - Frankenstein

I’m late! I know and I am sorry. I didn’t get a SIM card until Friday and I had bookish plans all weekend but I am back now :D… 839 more words

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Protective Hair Styling...

Hello, everyone. Today I am going to be sharing with you why I am absolutely in love with putting my hair into protective styles, and why I started making it a major tool in my journey to healthier hair. 1,135 more words


When you go out to shoot photographs, it is important to dress appropriately. Photography requires a certain level of comfort and flexibility, as you have to truly work around your object to capture it at the right angle and have it come up well. 48 more words


Boyfriend Sweater Set

Sometimes I just get sooooo bored with my clothes…and when that happens I just open the other end of the closet. ┬áThis is known as the store of Caleb! 288 more words



My husband likes to call it a carpet, I call it one of my favorite jackets (and one of the comfiest)!  Jackets are one of my favorite items; as you know I am an Autumn-lover! 107 more words


Wedding Bells With A Touch Of Rose Gold

First & foremost I want to excuse the grainy pictures. Iphone cameras aren’t exactly ideal for blog post photos, butttt sometimes you have to do what ya have to do in order to get some content! 521 more words

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