Outfit: Impractically Perfect

I’m not really into ‘trends’. In fact, I’d go as far as saying sometimes I actively avoid them. There is a little rebellious and completely pretentious streak in me that just completely loses interest in something once it becomes popular. 495 more words


Tips for Finding Your Dream Dress without the Compromise

Written by: Shanna

As most girls imagine, shopping for the perfect wedding dress was the most surreal moment. As we were driving to a bridal boutique, one of my friends asked what my dream dress would look like. 751 more words

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Rollin’ With The Homies

I’M SO EXCITED TO POST THIS! I’ve been wanting to do a family collab for the longest! I have some heavy hitting bloggers in my family so i’m SURE you’ve seen their post! 100 more words

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Ready or not, snakeskin boots are coming in HOT!

 Animal print has made its debut time and time again Рfrom tops to bottoms to belts, the inner cheetah girl in every fashion lover has come out at some point. 186 more words

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Don’t you just LOVE when all of your blacks match? I mean; I know black is black but, do you ever find that your favorite pair of black denim {which you’ve probably washed 50 times or more} no longer matches your favorite leather jacket? 117 more words

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It was an all white party.....

Happy Monday everyone, hope your weekend was bright and beautiful. The weather has changed drastically. Ya’ll know I hate cold with passion. Saturday was cold, I have choose my outfit since Thursday, but that hubby converted to wear from my collection, it was cold and it must be white. 104 more words

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