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Fire Force - Episode 6: The Spark of Promise

While I have really enjoyed the look and style of this show right from shot #1, I kind of feel like Shinra’s story as the protagonist has become buried into the mounds of everything else going on in this world of fantasy inspired fire fighters and flaming demons. 576 more words

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Demon Slayer - Episode 20: Pretend Family

I made a prediction about the direction I felt this show was going a few reviews back, then it went and totally defied my expectations by having last episode happen. 517 more words

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Demon Slayer - Episode 19: Hinokami

I am consistently in a state of awe of how fantastic the action sequences in Demon Slayer look. I know I run the risk of sounding like a broken record, but at this point I’m past caring. 772 more words

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Fire Force - Episode 5: The Battle Begins

At this point, I’m pretty convinced everyone in this show is totally freaking insane. I just don’t know yet whether it’s for the sake of comedy or it’s an actual plot point. 674 more words

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Top 5 Most Anticipated Books!

I’ve heard some really fantastic book news over the past few days, that have had me squealing and clapping my hands in glee. I can’t quite believe that somehow it is August already…but apparently it is. 1,685 more words

A Pure Heart

Demon Slayer - Episode 18: A Forged Bond

I spent the last post talking about how much I’d grown to like Zenitsu after really not being a big fan based on his introduction. I ended by saying that the show just needed to make me like Inosuke a little more. 630 more words

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Fire Force - Episode 4: The Hero and the Princess

Y’know, when this started, I was not expecting Fire Force to become a show about corrupt corporations and uncovering government conspiracies. With all the religious overtones and fantasy trappings of the characters and the setting, at the very least I can praise it’s capacity to surprise me. 760 more words

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