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So... Pristin Disbanded...

I went from not posting anything last week to posting thrice this week, but I never expected this would be what I write about!

I mean, we all knew Pledis isn’t all that great at managing their groups. 262 more words

Sarazanmai is bizarre, progressive and has a lot of heart

In a season where nothing much was especially jumping out at me, I took some shots in the dark. Mostly due to a striking visual style and bizarre visuals, Sarazanmai caught my attention. 945 more words

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Mk. V Supra: My Thoughts

If you happened to be on the internet on May 13, you might have noticed a several articles and videos of people reviewing the 2020 Supra. 782 more words

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My thoughts on Avengers Endgame

The Avengers as we know them are gearing up to assemble one last time, and hopes are exceptionally high, even for a Marvel movie. Now I, along with much of the world’s population at the moment, am a big fan of Disney’s mega-franchise. 836 more words

Pet Sematary (2019): A Return to Slow Burn Horror

My main driving force in going to see this movie was derived from 2017’s IT: A movie that I enjoyed far more than I’d expected to. 810 more words

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[My Thoughts On] Tomorrow X Together

Let’s be real here: TXT first got a lot of hype because of their connection to BTS. It’s like the Big3 Privilege, except it’s the BTS privilege. 506 more words

The Driver Suit Blog-A Change In Programming For One Week

By David G. Firestone

Just a brief update, I’ve got a side project I’ve needed to work on, and I have to work on it this week. 25 more words

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