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[My Thoughts On] Everglow

It’s generally more difficult for a girl group to genuinely get my attention. Usually, I become a fan of a particular member first before I decide to check out the rest of the group and I do end up liking their music for a while. 160 more words

[My Thoughts On] 1Team

I am in love with their debut track, Vibe, and I can’t help but do that little dance part in the chorus.

That being said, I’m not sure if I want to be getting to know them. 74 more words

Pokemon Detective Pikachu - The Seed for the Future

I had a whole bunch of worries going into Detective Pikachu. It seems kind of silly in hindsight, seeing as how this is a kid’s movie at the end of the day. 576 more words

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John Wick: Chapter 3 - Why plot isn't everything and other random musing

In Latin, Parabellum translates as “prepare for war”. Just thought some of you might not be as brushed up on your ancient dead languages.

The first John Wick caught me completely off guard. 831 more words

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Dragon Ball Super Manga: Chapter 48: Moro's Wish

Y’know, if Majin Buu’s personality was even slightly less grating, I’d be a huge fan. His goofy nature and really unique power set could make him was more impactful to the show…  671 more words

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So... Pristin Disbanded...

I went from not posting anything last week to posting thrice this week, but I never expected this would be what I write about!

I mean, we all knew Pledis isn’t all that great at managing their groups. 262 more words