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My Thoughts on Hot Fuss

Hello everybody! Today, I’m going to be discussing my thoughts on Hot Fuss, despite the fact it’s now 15 years old and not as recent as all the other albums I’ve talked about in this feature. 970 more words


Disneyland Paris: Recommendations & Tips!

Since I was little, after seeing adverts on TV, it was a dream of mine to be able to go to Disneyland. I’m sure lots of other children had the same dream! 1,517 more words


Dragon Ball Super Manga - Chapter 49: Outer Space Battle

This is a fun, action packed chapter that mostly provides us with some thrilling battles from a collection of characters we haven’t really seen fighting before, but doesn’t do anything to progress the story at all. 544 more words

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Demon Slayer: Episode 12 – The Boar Bares Its Fangs, Zenitsu Sleeps

I was very down on Zenitsu last week. His extended periods of freaking out being a major focus of the episode. I did, however, end things on a hopeful note. 471 more words

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My thoughts on Aladdin (Live Remake)

The new Aladdin live action remake has been out for over a month now and I feel like it is safe to start talking about it. 673 more words


Void Bastards - What is a Roguelike?

Making video games is hard, time consuming (and sometimes thankless) work. Now, more so than ever. Smaller scale, indie developers are in an especially tricky place, expected to make games of a comparable scale to AAA titles, with a fraction of a fraction of the resources. 1,099 more words

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Demon Slayer - Episode 11: "Tsuzumi Mansion" Review

For how much I was impatiently talking about this yellow Demon Slayer guy showing up in the series, now that he has make his proper debut… Jeez, he’s grating on me pretty much right away. 610 more words

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