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Demon Slayer - Episode 22: Master of the Mansion

I guess my questions regarding the leadership of the Demon Slayers has an answer now. The reason why they send a whole bunch of under prepared, under qualified slayers right into hell itself is because they’re… 642 more words

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Fire Force - Episode 8: Infernal Insects

As it turns out, the 1st division is far less infested with villains and evildoers than I was first lead to believe. Although, we get to the villainy and evildoing far faster than I was expecting. 499 more words

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Dragon Ball Super Manga - Chapter 51: To Each Their Own Plans

I really did feel like this story arc was coming to an end with the second battle between the Saiyans and Moro, but low and behold I was wrong and it seems like we’re getting the universe 7 road trip that I was hoping for from the very start. 723 more words

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To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts feels like a rushed adaptation

It’s a pretty new experience for me, to dive into reading manga based on the anime I’m watching. Some would say it’s the natural progression of an insufferable know-it-all such as myself. 761 more words

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My Thoughts on Lover

Hello everybody! Today, I’m going to be talking about Taylor Swift’ s new album Lover, which I’ve been super excited about since LONG before it even started being teased. 1,444 more words


Demon Slayer - Episode 21: Against Corps Rules

The longest night is finally over, and there’s nothing like a little hijinks to being you back down to Earth after a pretty intense ending to a pretty action packed arc. 613 more words

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Fire Force - Episode 7: The Investigation of the 1st Commences

Things are staring to feel a lot more shoneny this episode. While this is the beginning of the 8th’s investigation in the 1st division, it’s under the guise of a some kind of training arc. 547 more words

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