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I'm not a fan of Korean study groups on Facebook. Here's why.

Facebook do have pages that have what I need to refresh on my Korean notes.


There are groups on Facebook that I had to opt off of. 390 more words

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New Instagram


어떻게 잘 지냈어요? 잘 지내세요. 😁. So, I decided to create a Instagram dedicated to my Korean learning journey. Unlike the other self-study Korean Instagram pages, I’m basically sharing all of my experiences involving my studies: going to DWJ/DWJ2 or a Korean restaurant in general, my trip to Korea ; but mostly, videos of me speaking in Korean. 85 more words

My Thoughts

My Monkey Mind Has a Mind of its Own!

Taming my monkey mind is a continuous daily, even hourly practice. Every night before I got to sleep I tell myself that I will wake up the next morning and take care of my “spiritual self.” I live with four cats and two dogs, so they take priority; feeding and morning tinkling, along with me doing the same. 300 more words


Everything has a reason

If there’s one thing that I’ve learnt so far, it’s that everything has a reason. Every choice has its place in the world. Every decision that we make ultimately causes another and another. 394 more words

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Welcome! Why start now?

Welcome to my very first blog……

You are probably wondering why I would even start one, and I asked myself that same question. Well, it’s pretty simple. 735 more words

First Blog

They Helped Me Through TCFT Croydon

In my last post, I mentioned how Tina took the time to speak to me about TCFT Croydon, so it only seemed right to speak about a number of the special people who were involved in making TCFT Croydon 2018 what it was, especially when it all became crazy stressful. 736 more words

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Romantic Relationships

There is this thing
in culture that almost requires women to desperately NEED to be in a
relationship. Why?

Have you ever read
the book Pride and Prejudice? 831 more words

My Thoughts