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echoed words

Let your eyes look directly forward, and your gaze be straight before you.

-Proverbs 4:25

And those echoed words of bitterness make my heart melancholic… How will I express the words i long to say… i hope you know… :'(

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My Thoughts

Sweet Sun send me the moon

Sweet sun, send me the moon

Empty the skies out

Bringing me one step closer to you

Send it Soon 

I love you

My Thoughts

Love Yours

They’re selling the house. A three family home in Park Slope, Brooklyn sure goes for a lot of money. This entire process has really opened my eyes to the amount of wealth that is truly in the world. 382 more words


Strength in times of weakness

We all know of pain. We all know of hurt. We’ve all been through a moment, no matter how infinitesimal it may have been in reality, which felt like it lasted for a short eternity. 735 more words

My Thoughts

The State of Mind..

Once, I read a book, on average a person could have 65000 thoughts in a day. Next day, 95% of the thoughts are older ones and only 5% are new. 514 more words

My Thoughts..

So Here It Goes

I finally caved…I’m here!!!

Where do i begin? Let me start by thanking two ladies and one man who have continuously encouraged me to get on the blogging bandwagon.. 270 more words

Mikaela Lagdameo

"It's Kind of Hard to Love Someone That Wants To Kill You." - Is it?

The other weekend my dad and I took a little day trip up into one of the little mountain tourist towns in North Carolina. There is this cute little diner there, with fantastic milkshakes and a fifties theme…then add in the browsing through the little tourist-y shops and you’ve got the makings for a pretty great day. 848 more words

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