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My thoughts on Homosexual, Homophobia

“You’re gay.”

So let me clear it up first, I’m gay. But what does “gay” mean? It may sounds like a simple question with a simple answer: Gay is the term that refers to a homosexual person, or the trait of being homosexual. 367 more words

Gay Men

The Monster of Jealousy!

Othello is regarded as a most popular play of a Shakespeare. But, for me it was hard to read. Like “The Winter’s Tale”, I was expecting some touch of joy and happiness. 250 more words


Thoughts in the stillness

It’s been so long to notice this but I think I let my heart goes numb.

I’m usually pretend like it’s no big deal when someone hurt me on purpose but acted like they do that without purpose. 1,165 more words


A Tolerance for Tardiness

We all have triggers. In one moment we’re fine, but within five minutes that little vein in the side of our necks slowly begin to make an appearance. 416 more words

My Thoughts

Forget throwbacks ...

Throwback Thursday offends my sense of independence so here’s one for Friday — the house where my paternal grandpa was born, near Corydon, Indiana.  In the picture are my great-grandparents George and Salome (Sally) Wagner, my grandpa John, his sister Annie and brother Otto, and their half-sister Teena (always called Teenie, although she never was).   201 more words



I’ve been walking to and from class this week (instead of taking the bus or driving or biking).  Every single day, I’ve seen something that’s mildly disturbing.  146 more words

My Thoughts


blake has a little sister, olive {mentioned it in my first entry}. she is actually 1 year and 1 month today. olive was born april 29th, 2014 and blake was diagnosed 3 months later. 319 more words