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A #WIP Masterpiece

Learning never stops does it? I am learning the meaning of the above saying quite intimately as of late. And it’s a lesson I am taking to heart, among others. 671 more words

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How Do You Stay Married 75 Years?

I had a delightful afternoon today celebrating the 75th wedding anniversary of my new hospice client with her husband, her daughter, a daughter’s friend, the hospice coordinator and two other hospice volunteers who provided music for this fun-filled occasion. 618 more words

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Podcasts or Keep it Classic with Books?

Now for this entry to make sense I suppose you must know what a podcast is and it simply is just a digital audio file it can be used for many books or series. 795 more words

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Hello Friends!

Well, I thought I would share myself with you today. This is me when I was getting my FIRST tattoo! Yes, I say first, because I am planning for my next one to be a sea turtle. 181 more words

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A Wild Ride Through Serbia (Part 2)

I had convinced myself that after leaving Belgrade the last bit of riding to Istanbul would no longer be enjoyable and it would be more of a mode of transportation as opposed to part of the experience. 1,510 more words

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The polls are open for voting!!

I’m so excited!! Thanks to all your votes I have two stories that made it into the finals of my publisher’s LP’s Reader’s Choice Award! Escaping Ryan is up for Best Romantic Suspense and Taken to the Cleaner is up for Best Short Story in a Romance Anthology. 20 more words

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My moms yard

I’ve been swimming a lot and noticing how every corner of my moms yard has something that catches my attention.

This is a canning shed. My mom uses it to park her mower but years ago it was used to store food that was canned from the summer gardens. 38 more words