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Being sick sucks

One of the worst feelings in life is to wake up one morning and find out that your body is infected. Either your nose is stuffy and you can’t breath, or it’s runny and you wish you didn’t have to. 552 more words

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I think there’s a LOT in conflict with these current racial issues. Part of me wonders if the media sort of feeds into and reinforces the less productive dialog, preventing our society from ever being able to reach a harmonic coexistence. 120 more words

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Jesus, of Avalon ~ And Did Those Feet?

From The Apple and the Thorn
Chapter Two: The Flowering Thorn

She was there at the springs when we arrived. I remember to this day the tenderness of the look that passed between us after such long absence. 425 more words

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Blessed Are We

Blessed are we who hear the Word of God

Who hear the Word of God and keep it

Let us then receive what we now hear… 169 more words

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If I can dream - New York

When I was a child I was told Polish nationals did not have passports to travel around the world. When I was a child I was told I would never be able to go outside of Eastern Europe. 402 more words


Trying the blog thing (again)

I’ve tried starting blogs a few times, and I usually get about as far as one introductory post and then perhaps a picture or two. This time it will be different (really!). 263 more words

Creative Writing

­čîłSpiritual Connections

I wanted to go in a different direction with this post. I have written about a lot of things including spirituality. But here I want to discuss… 614 more words

Exposed Loving