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Intention and Insight

After taking up blogging and starting a new, more productive lifestyle, I’m noticing a few things. Most of the things I’m learning are due to my daily journaling. 997 more words


A Facebook Survey Thing

Are you?
•scared of the dark: kinda
•scared of heights: nope
•scared of drowning: Yes
•scared of losing someone: Yup

Do you think:

•people talk about you behind your back: probably… 118 more words


The Power of "Sawubona"..."Unjani"

In my language you greet someone by saying “Sawubona” which means “hi” and the person responds “Yebo” loosely translated “yes or you have my attention” 1,248 more words

My Thoughts


Having recently graduated with my Bachelors degree in biology from SUNY Oswego, moved across the country with my boyfriend of five years, and started a new life on the West Coast, things have been a bit hectic. 450 more words


17 Things / birthday bucket list

Hello lovelies! Although I typically do not post on my blog on Wednesdays, I wanted to share a ’17 Things’ Birthday Bucket List today since I’m turning seventeen. 217 more words

About Me

My Thoughts: Depression

Today, I’m going to talk about depression. I’ll take you into a little bit of my struggles with it and how I’m coping with it these days. 540 more words

My Thoughts