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Son's of Thunder!

I have three sons of thunder
Sons of lightening, sons of fame. . .
I have three sons who live in a box on the corner begging for change. 338 more words

ECSOTW#25: Between the Shame and the Sentiment

JORGE FARAH: So hey, before I start talking about this week’s pick, I want to provide you with a little bit of personal context. When I was a little kid, the life I envisioned for myself as a grownup followed my father’s template pretty closely, and really pivoted around two big milestones: get married by 26, have a kid by 27. 2,226 more words

Elvis Costello

Humor columns have a new home

If you enjoyed my humor columns that have appeared in newspapers and in the book Four Things My Wife Hates About Mornings, I’m happy to report that those columns have a new home. 164 more words

Four Things My Wife Hates About Mornings

In The Golden Days Seen-On The TV Screen (128)

An all male family nifty-

My Three Sons broadcast back in 1960.



Happy Father's Day

I speak from firsthand experience, parenting is not easy. I am the father of 3 teenage sons. My Three Sons is an appropriate reference for them. 391 more words

Parent Involvement

Paternity leave. Episode two, Day 3, part one: some sleep and the middle child.

I’ve been doing periscopes on the fly I got my paternity leave now that I’m a father of three sons.

these children. of mine.

and then there are moments like
soft conversations between two brothers
that are fourteen years apart.
discussions of mods and mine craft.
of my youngest curled up to me… 60 more words