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Empty Hangers, Empty Nest


I remember more than I should, I suppose, about the day my youngest son left for college (he’s two years out as of this month.) It’s hard to explain the dichotomy of emotion, both pain and joy, that accosted me as I stood in his room that day. 288 more words

Too Long To Tweet But Just As Sweet

When First You Don't Succeed, Just Redo an Old Show

If you have been watching television the past few years, you’ve noticed a trend of rebooting old shows and giving them a new spin or writing a sequel.  535 more words

Marking the Anniversary with Steve, Ward and Ozzie

I had an early-morning business meeting yesterday at Ishmael’s, my favorite coffee shop. After my my meeting, I looked around at the place. Mostly the usual crowd of hangers-on nursing cups of regular coffee, maybe one or two cappuccinos. 980 more words


Son's of Thunder!

I have three sons of thunder
Sons of lightening, sons of fame. . .
I have three sons who live in a box on the corner begging for change. 338 more words

ECSOTW#25: Between the Shame and the Sentiment

JORGE FARAH: So hey, before I start talking about this week’s pick, I want to provide you with a little bit of personal context. When I was a little kid, the life I envisioned for myself as a grownup followed my father’s template pretty closely, and really pivoted around two big milestones: get married by 26, have a kid by 27. 2,226 more words

Elvis Costello

Humor columns have a new home

If you enjoyed my humor columns that have appeared in newspapers and in the book Four Things My Wife Hates About Mornings, I’m happy to report that those columns have a new home. 164 more words

Four Things My Wife Hates About Mornings