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I am not Just a Cancer Survivor

I am a cancer destroyer.

I am a cancer obliterator.

I am the Cancer-nator!!!

I am Cancer-free!


Another Day, Another Scan ...

… and another polite euphemism.

This one is ‘a shadow’ … where no shadows ought to be.

It could be something.

It could be nothing at all. 54 more words



The last phase of my cancer treatment is over. Everything is looking good, but I’m not really going to celebrate until I see the results of the final scan, which won’t be until 4th December – talk about your hurry-up-and-wait! 653 more words


Coming Back To Zero - The Convoluted Path to Starting a Project

I actually woke up with some energy this morning. I was so shocked I had to lay down and rest for half an hour!

A while ago I decided to use this years… 370 more words


Lubricating Lady-bits – Not what you’re thinking ... well sorta, kinda ...

One of the (many, I’m discovering) downsides of this combination of healing from thyroid cancer and menopause, is vaginal dryness. It’s uncomfortable, annoying, irritating, time-consuming, frustrating, and on occasions downright hilarious. 148 more words


X Factors (not the TV show!)

It’s been a busy time, this healing.

Have you ever had a major illness/ accident – we’ll call it ‘X’ – and it’s taken up all your energies, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, to overcome? 226 more words



A funny thing happened the other day …

But first, the biopsy results are in and it looks like I dodged a bullet. The cancer cells were merely using my thyroid as a staging area. 272 more words