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10 Summer Handbag Essentials.

The British summer can be so unpredictable that I find it’s often quite hard to know how to prepare for it, so I’ve come up with a list of my essentials so I’m always set no matter what the day throws at me! 522 more words



There are plenty of misconceptions about female solo travelling. I can’t tell you how many weird and worried looks I’ve got from friends and family telling me that I’m too young and I could get robbed or hurt or raped or kidnapped haven’t you seen “Taken”? 885 more words


My Top 10: Blade Runner

Steam and fire rises from spires that would induce envy in the Tower of Babel. A world bathed in cold electric light drenched in rain. Humanity has had its meaning challenged and a whole system has risen to maintain the traditional world and meanings. 826 more words

Brandon Wagner

# 426 - Kill Bill Vol. 2 & # 333 - Kill Bill Vol.1

Quentin Tarantino is one of my favourite directors, and I really don’t know that many. I hope to one day name my baby Tarantino, because he’s the best and also because it’s fun to say. 150 more words


Lazy Sunday, lazy me

The title says it all. I’ve been so lazy today, just laying around and watching movies. My mum actually asked me if I was sick. No mum, I’m just turning into couch potato. 415 more words


My Top 10: The Matrix


The Matrix

I think it’s impossible for me to explain how seismic a shift The Matrix must have been when it came out in 1999… 1,091 more words

Brandon Wagner