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My Top 10

Time for another installment of My Top 10.

My Top 10 Cities I’ve Visited:

Seattle – although I was very young and only remember the Space Needle… 246 more words

My Top 10

Top 10 Supernatural episodes 

Here’s the thing, I watch a lot of TV shows…. And I mean a lot. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with them, but one of my all time favourite shows is CW’s Supernatural.¬† 160 more words


My Top 10 #4

I’m glad this list is easier after that last one. The first three on the list are my all time favorites and have been for as long as I could remember (think Bosom Buddies… that’s how long). 144 more words


My Top 10 #3

Greatest Minds in History

(Really? Could this be any harder? Clearly I won’t make the list.)

Bill Gates – chosen for his intelligence and compassion – “It’s fine to celebrate success but it’s more important to heed the lessons of failure.” 277 more words


My Top 10 Musicals

Whether old or new, Musicals will always get me singing and tapping my toes along to the music that is ever-so catchy. I wrote down a list of all the Musicals I know and managed to wind it down to a short list of only 10. 986 more words


My Top 10 (list #2)

Today’s list was harder than I thought it would be.

Things I Want Accomplished 10 Years From Now:

my kids to be successful (they will be 28 and 31 and that makes me old) 146 more words


My Top 10 - week 1

My family knows how much I love lists and projects so besides the Me Journal I talked about in the previous post, I also received the My Top 10 book. 172 more words