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I am grateful for: "the Drunk Hunter's Aim"

At first it was just laughable so that I refused to pity Jason’s performance.  Jason likes to use fake names and feign being uninterested in fame but this is his act.   810 more words


I am grateful for "every day I die"

This isn’t going to come out the way I want it to.  It’s going to be too short and too long… 

But I’m feeling sick to my stomach wondering when I’ll be able to sleep again. 1,092 more words


I am grateful for: "Peace Doves and Machetes"

Machete doesn’t wait to see if his pal needs help.  He just tackles the culprit.  

His pal says, “Dude… what are you doing?”

Machete answers, “No worries… I got your back.” 526 more words


I am grateful for: "In Wildness is the preservation of the world. . ."

Dear Dawg Lady of Paws R Us,

Yeah… so you know those people who show you endless pictures of their kids on their  I-phones?  Well, dog people are even more annoying. 348 more words


I am grateful for: "the ways girls talk in locker rooms"

Yelawolf’s Tailgate Party:

HellKitty gives a shout out to her grrrrrrl.

Andrew whines, “Whaddya mean I’M getting thrown outta the pep rally?”

CB interrupts, “ 421 more words


I am grateful for: "flattery not getting you everywhere"

Soggy Bottom Feminism:

Lisa wants to clarify her position to me but she’s shy about it because she wants my crown.  She hangs a picture up not unlike mine only glossier and airbrushed and photo-shopped.  541 more words


Luna Love

Look up at her tonight

She shines like the stars don’t even exist

If I could know her more intimately, I would love her even more tremendously… 74 more words

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