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The Plan

When times are hard,
And I’m feeling low,
My soul doesn’t know which way to go,
I reach out
To some unseen force-
Its loving arms reassure me… 235 more words


Entitlement & Self Awareness

Shout out to the people that understand that no one owes them anything.

Somewhere down the line we took on this ugly mind set in which we feel entitled. 413 more words

My Truth

It's time to get real...real honest

Who am I?
What do I love to do?
What makes me happy?
What are my goals?
Are all the parts of my life in congruence? 496 more words

My Truth

I am grateful for: "the breakfast club"

Steven wants to know if anybody remembered to celebrate 420 this year and Shigatsu raises her hand.

Shigatsu says she broke down and ate a Happy Meal that day.   137 more words

My Truth

I am grateful for: "the L word"

Well, it doesn’t feel real anymore.  I think everyone is lying to themselves.  I hate this showman ship stuff and this constant rhetoric about grace and your obedience training in order to uplift the masses.   533 more words

My Truth

The price of playing poker...

Last year I thought I knew about boundaries. I thought I had boundaries. I thought I knew how that stuff worked.

I didn’t.

When my ex boyfriend hit a boundary what I should have done is stuck to it and give him push back but what I did is run around covering for him, made excuses and I put myself and my family at risk. 440 more words

My Truth

I am grateful for: "purse strings and peasants"

She don’t worship Kings.  She make ’em.  Why we doin’ that?

The above video by Erykah Badu  “Bag Lady” is being posted for all the right reasons and for NO Commercial Purposes. 19 more words

My Truth