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I am capable and deserving of love

I will be paid for being me.


I seek joy within myself

I will accomplish every goal that I set for myself… 47 more words

My Truth

Race Relations

I talk about my experience as an energy working spirit on this very human journey. I’ve explained to you the ups and downs, the moments of bliss and the times that death seems seductive and sweet.   640 more words

new visual landscapes

I love to wander, to arrive somewhere I don’t know and will never know again. I find deep relief in being amongst complete and total strangers. 235 more words

The Countdown

New York

I always envision a rainy New York night, underneath the streetlights, set in black in white. A woman and a man walking hand in hand, under the shelter of an umbrella. 94 more words

My Truth

Is My Truth

The truth of my life

Will not be in the way

Others think of me or remember me.

The truth of my life is in it’s actuality. 17 more words

Life Chatter

just start rowing...

I went to a different meeting over the weekend, not my home meeting. Differnt focus, same steps. i introduced myself and said it was my first meeting. 282 more words

My Truth

I am grateful for: "being tested"

I used to take the best notes and once one person borrowed them everyone knew they could borrow them from someone and I ended up helping whole classes pass tests.   499 more words

My Truth