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Time heals all wounds...not so much

There’s that expression, time heals all wounds. My ex husband just said it to me yesterday when we were talking about his relationship with our children. 229 more words

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I went to my Celebrate Recovery meeting last night. Over the past almost 100 days the people who attend have become such an amazing source of support, love, understanding and wisdom. 322 more words

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I am grateful for: "the Contrary Boy"

kid picture here


you go over these things with insecure mommies who need affirmation and rely on blogs,

maybe some hashtags

for validation when they complain about their special needs boy. 770 more words

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Woke and Working

I made the choice to become an entrepreneur after starting over with my life. I knew what my passion was but I had no clue as to how to get started. 199 more words

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If you never learn anything else from my writing, please remember this:

You can not control anyone but you

This is so important because countless amounts of times, I have experienced this feeling of having the capacity to change someone or alter what they do or think.

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Perfect Practice Makes Perfect...

I haven’t written in a few days. I’ve been super busy, was pushed outside my comfort zone and was overtired. The last few days may also have even been a test…to see how I’d react to disappointments and feeling uncomfortable in a fairly safe place. 716 more words

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