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Running out of my darkness

Melissa Dahl writer for New York Magazine wrote this article “How Running and Meditation Change the Brains of the Depressed” and exercise helping depression is something I knew was real but something when you’re slipping into that dark place, you forget. 1,006 more words


an aha moment...

I am teaching for the first time at my Celebrate Recovery (CR) meeting on Tuesday. The bulk of it was written weeks ago, I’ve reading it and rereading it ever since. 400 more words

My Truth

A Little Truth

I used to promise myself that I would never have children. Secretly, keeping close all the hurts I felt as a child myself, certain that I had no light or joy to share. 1,312 more words


Open Letter to Codependency...

Dear Codependency –

I didn’t know much about you until late in 2015. But you had been a part of me for a long time. … 422 more words

My Truth

An Open Letter to the Committee in My Head! 

Dear Committee in My Head-

I’m sure there are more than 6 of you but I’d like to address you.

HaPpY – I drew you in pink because it my favorite color and I imagine you would be in all pink. 264 more words

My Truth

Beauty: Defining our own beauty

Too big, too small, too tall, too short, long hair, short hair, too light, too dark… All of these superlatives are exhausting to keep up with! 135 more words


Open letter to Worry....

Dear Worry –

You have served your purpose and kept me safe and busy for long enough. And I thank you for time but it’s over. 256 more words

My Truth