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a little check in

Today was a good day. I think it’s important to acknowledge the days that are good just as much as I acknowledge the days that are not so good. 137 more words

My Story

It’s not ____’s problem, until it becomes _____’s problem, before then there is...

It’s not ____’s problem, until it becomes ____’s problem, before then there is NOTHING YOU CAN DO!

Have you ever loved an addict? Or even have addictive behaviors yourself? 278 more words

My Truth

Familiarity of Sadness.

I sink back into the familiarity of sadness. I hate how easy it is to feel this way. My shoulders tense up and my chest pains, as if my body knows exactly how to be. 211 more words


Who Are You?

It’s a fair question, and one that people fail to ask themselves often enough when they look in the mirror. The answer depends on how honest we can stand to be with ourselves. 1,070 more words


Fun Home

I first read Fun Home several years ago. I almost can’t believe how long it’s been because it feels like it was only moments ago. I was in a different place then; physically, mentally, emotionally, even spiritually. 321 more words

This is Not the End

This is Not the End

by Flower

“This is the way the world end. This is the way the world ends. This is the way the world ends. 1,661 more words

National Poetry Month Poem #18: STFU

My brain, heart hormones and all that junk…I think are like hexagonal…trapezoid type geometric figures completely set out to never allow me the peace that comes with a linear thought…simple emotion…easy decision…everything’s constantly swirling around in my mind…the what ifs, the what could bes, the low self esteem mixed with the boss ass bitch confidence…the low lows, the high highs, the absurdity…a million different sides to every situation…each with its own browser and hella tabs…crying and then not, pissed and then not, rarely truly happy…taking a minute to meditate…effects lasting less than that I need…praying to God and when that doesn’t work hit the drinks…realizing I need my liver and drink is not another problem I need, taking up other vices to relax…food, sex, maybe some hookah…but it doesn’t matter…everything is fleeting…nothing works for very long…because…even when I’m asleep my brain, my heart, my everything…still won’t…Shut. The. Fuck. Up.