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​People who want you show it. People who respect you give it. People who are solid never turn you away. People that love you live it.


Post #1 Introduction

Hi world. This is my first Blog attempt and post. I don’t even know why people would want to read this and hear my opinions and my life but why the heck not? 333 more words


The tears flow freely and they cleanse the world away.

For a few minutes and seconds I release my pain.

It isn’t the anguish that troubles me or the aches that pain me. 310 more words


They want for the things that I despise.

Never asked for them to change because in their imperfections they’re perfect in my eyes.

I can’t help but feel lost and lonely in this twisted world of mine.

284 more words


When I bare my soul to you

Our love as a witness

Never dismiss this

As anything less than

What it actually is

Because the provocative nature… 132 more words


My Truth

Just to be clear, I have been undergoing a process of spiritual awakening for several years now. My spiritual practice is a daily one. I believe in lots of things I never used to before, or maybe had some passing interest in, but knew very little about, beyond a cursory level. 878 more words

Dream June 8, 2017

Dreams are a huge part of my life. I believe that dreams are a good connection to the other side where we go once we pass on. 707 more words

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