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If You're Going to Love Me-A Few Truths to Consider.


This isn’t a disclaimer, or even a plea, but simply the warm rush of truth from one hopeful heart to another.

I’ve been told that I am not an easy person to love, yet it’s impossible to… 135 more words

Part of my Struggle

So this whole blog thing got me thinking about an incident the other day. One that even while it was happening I couldn’t understand why it was happening. 852 more words


My Pattern

Today was met with major knee pain and disappointment.

The knee pain was of course a result from the stairs endured yesterday.

The disappointment is from some financial aid stuff that I found out today. 830 more words


I feel, for those who cannot.  

This sentence, this thought, has been on my mind. A question, how can some just not feel; anything? Why are some so shut down?

I see that some choose. 778 more words


Loving Collage

There is just something meditative about sorting through magazines, finding little treasures, slowly cutting out the intricate details and placing them into something entirely new- LOVE IT! 41 more words


Finding Part of Me...Through Pinterest!?

I believe that life is a journey, an adventure to be lived every day. Part of that adventure is watching yourself grow and change as the world around you grows and changes. 236 more words

Art Life


I am more than this face,
I am more than these breasts,
You like my curves?
You think I’m sexy?
You think I’m sweet?
Take another look, buster. 98 more words