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I am grateful for: "The Deep Heart of Tuva"

The Radio Jockey called my request cowboy music from the wild east,  hollered


Deep in the Heart of Tuva. . .you’ll go!


The… 176 more words

My Truth

3:00 am Insomnia

You are the first person on my mind

When I wake up earlier than my alarm

Struggling to get back to sleep…

But contacting you, hoping you’re struggling too…

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My Truth

I changed my destiny...

Its been a few weeks since I’ve written. I’ve had a bunch of life destractions and I’ve had this blog post on my heart for weeks but just couldn’t get here. 638 more words

My Truth

I’m so easy to love…Psyke!!


‘Stop overthinking’: If I had a dollar for every time someone said that to me and a nickel for each time it was followed by me fuming and imploding well I would have a sock full of nickels to flipping pound on my wall and a drawer full of dollar notes to fix it with. 881 more words

African Art

My White Privilege

I took this photo of Cameron and a new friend almost a year ago. I’ve never shared it or posted it though it’s one of my favorite pictures I’ve taken in her short life. 360 more words


Living in the Wrong Paradise (part 3)

Today July 8th, I craved peace but peace did not come. My truth was filled with visions, feelings, and hopes that were as dark as the night on a back country road in the deepest woods of Georgia. 94 more words


The wold has gone mad,is it on purpose or destiny?

There are moments when I sit and ponder on life. I think of all of those that are trying their best to be good people and live good lives. 372 more words

My Truth