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Monday: Not sick anymore

Well, not completely. I’m about 90% recovered. And I’m faced with a Monday that I can get back on track with – again. It always feels like I’m starting over. 181 more words

Toronto Photographer

Life is good

My life is always so good that I’m never waiting for some day in the future when things will be better. More than anything I’m enjoying each day like it’s the rare treasure that it is and already feeling nostalgic for each passing minute. 31 more words


Escape is inevitable.

My universe has been tilting over the last year onto a new axis. Exterior markers that had defined my world shook and crumbled. Change in how I see myself is inevitable. 50 more words



There comes a moment when you start to question… Question God's plan for you, question the choices you've made in life, question all the what-ifs. It overwhelms me and isolates me. 857 more words

My Life

She doesn't know

Quiet, Reserved, Lonely, & Abused.

She doesn’t give a care in the world.

In her own bubble she draws.

She draw and draws until all her emotions are out. 196 more words