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Cry baby cry, make your mother sigh, she's old enough to know better. So cry baby cry...

I know this is London’s blog but right now mine is useless to me and I need to get something off my chest. I have a weird past growing up in both black and white worlds. 1,317 more words

"Thirteen Reasons Why": My Truth Part 1

No, this is not Hannah Baker and this is not a suicide note. This is nobody and these are stories I never fully told, mostly because I wasn’t ready at the time. 1,267 more words

When Suicide Seemed Like the Best Option: Part I

¬†Nothing felt more suffocating than the weight of everybody’s expectations on my shoulders¬†

I was a fantastic liar. The best kind, actually. So good in fact, that I didn’t realize I was lying to myself until I hit rock bottom. 1,305 more words

Personal Truths

It's not love... its manipulation...

grateful for breathing room… for time to think and feel all of me without any interruptions or ideas of how or with whom I spend my time with. 264 more words



My perspectives are only as vast as my mindset allows them to be. I wish I could be more free.

The realities that I’m chasing are not meant for me, and those that chase me–haunt. 256 more words


My mother believes in the intellectual value of doing puzzles. For younger children it teaches patience, perseverance, shape recognition and logic. For older people it is calming, a form of meditation, and an outlet for our modern over thinking brains. 468 more words