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Editing My Wardrobe: 31 Years Old / 30 Pieces of Clothing

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Ever have a moment, when you realise that most of your clothing actually belongs to an old version of you? 665 more words

My Wardrobe

Future Wardrobe Mood Board - Ethereal, Dark

I want my wardrobe to have the feeling of a Paolo Roversi photograph. Feminine with an edge. Soft but strong. A little dark.

Right now I am refreshing my closet,  clearing out whatever has been lingering for too long without seeing daylight.  103 more words


Outfit of the Day: Stripes!

One thing about living in Michigan is having to deal with the hot and humid summers. I guess you get used to it after awhile but that also means you get used to never having a good hair day in the summer too. 77 more words


Outfit of the Day - To hot for pants and to humid for my hair to look good!

This picture is from a different day but I decided to wear this dress and hat to work today! I woke up and checked the weather like normal and saw some pretty typical Michigan weather. 30 more words


The HMS Pinafore

“Where are you going in that Beverly Hillbilly dress?”

“Are you going to become a cowboy?”

“Are you going to the Midwest?

“Are you about to ride a horse?” 208 more words


My Alex & Ani Collection

I love Alex & Ani bracelets. I hate wearing bracelets and rings, and they’re probably one of the only things I’m willing to wear. I hope to continue to buy more, but here are the five I have thus far: 158 more words

Alex & Ani

Outfit of the Day: Adding some color!

I woke up this morning for work and I had already decided that I wanted to wear all black but then I saw this white, long and sheer cardigan in my closet and thought, “hm.. 66 more words