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Outfit of the Day: Pants are for losers.

Some mornings when I am skimming my closet to get ready for work at 4:30am, I think “I do not feel like putting on a pair of pants today” and then I look over to all my dresses and just grab one. 59 more words


Outfit of the Day: All Black

Most of my wardrobe consists of all black and I love absolutely everything about the color black. But I always add a pop of color to my all black outfits so make it stand out just a bit! 21 more words


Outfit of the Day: That Everyday Relaxed Look!

I stole this outfit from a pinterest post (maybe some of you have seen a similar one). This outfit was not only easy to throw on and put together but it was also comfy! 23 more words


Playtime Never Ends

Its been a while since I wrote an OOTD post, only because I’ve not bought much new clothing of late. However, this week’s purchase merits an OOTD revival.  181 more words


Outfit of the Day: A Dress with Pockets!

While I was visiting my boyfriend out in California, I attended his sisters baby shower and while you would think it would be hot, it was actually a little chilly that day. 40 more words


My Wardrobe: Let the Rain Fall Down

Spring has sprung: the flowers are blooming, the grass is growing, and the rain is pouring. Everyone knows that with the beautiful sights of spring comes the terrible nuisance of rain. 375 more words