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How Do You Get a Messy Zebra to Change Her Stripes? (11/5/15)

Answer?  Have the messy zebra fall in love with a military zebra with pretty, neat, stripes.  :)

I’m 39 (as my slightly younger partner loves to remind me!) and was born messy.  2,132 more words

Our Kids Have Two Moms (11/12/15)

When we were in the midst of coming to terms with our feelings for each other and where to go from there, one of my biggest concerns was coming out to my kids. 969 more words

I'm Gonna Love You Like I'm Gonna Lose You (11/15)

My person’s been gone for 12 days. I will see her in 44 hours. (But who’s counting?) It’s been painfully hard to be away from each other. 463 more words

So Who's The Guy? (11-15)

This is a co-authored blog that we’ve wanted to do for a while now. Happy Thanksgiving!

J: This is a question that we’ve been asked more than once. 965 more words

Mothering Perspectives (12-4-15)

My better half suggested I write about what it’s like watching a “first time mom” go through the phases from my vantage point. She said, “You know, how I have unreasonable expectations and think #5 is a genius.” This seems like it could go badly. 1,017 more words

Working Out (12-14-15)

My partner and I became friends through running.  I used to be a runner/triathlete in my former life, BC (Before Children).  I had tried to get back into it here and there throughout the first 11 years of motherhood, but it was so challenging.  502 more words

Finding Our Faults 12-15-16

What happens to you when you stumble into your soul mate in the middle of your life?  I could write a book on this, but I want to write about one specific topic.  1,719 more words