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Sometimes “Unfinished Business” stays unfinished

I am not into cancer movies. There’s something about the majority of them – at least the ones I’ve seen – that does not accurately portray my reality of having cancer. 855 more words

Coping After Cancer

My Wishes

It is expressly against my wishes that anyone spy on me, snoop on me, “stalk” me or gossip about the material in this blog. It is also against my wishes that people keep “tabs” on me to see what I am up to. 119 more words


I’ve been diagnosed with life and so have you

We cancer patients get a lot of pressure from society about surviving cancer – we must fight until the end, even if it means we fight against ourselves. 658 more words


Who should you tell about your cancer diagnosis?

I believe it is the patients’ choice to decide who should know about their cancer diagnosis, but many times we patients don’t have full control over that. 973 more words