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How I Got My Agent

I am so thrilled to finally have this story to tell! It’s the one every writer yearns to tell. It’s the one that’s unique to every writer. 653 more words

Children's Literature

Riley Cooper

One of my old logos from when I was doing photo shoots.

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Painted People

Some of my final designs and artwork done for an amazing group of tattoo artist.

My Work

Expert discusses black and Jewish identities

By Mallery Rockwell — Contributing Writer

Bruce D. Haynes, associate professor of sociology and African-American and Africana studies at the University of California, Davis, spoke on March 25 on the events that have shaped black and Jewish identities and elements that characterize the relationship between them. 311 more words

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Local artists debut collections at Ithaca’s Gallery Night

By Rachel Mucha and Mallery Rockwell

While most people are sleeping and fitfully dreaming, artist Courtney Beglin is actively participating in her dreams. She is a lucid dreamer, which leaves her with a head full of vivid images and tangible feelings each morning; it’s like living in three or four different movies every night. 362 more words

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Experts debate nuclear power on fifth anniversary of Fukushima disaster

By Kayla Dwyer and Mallery Rockwell

In the aftermath of the disaster at the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant that left 19,000 missing or dead, Kiyoshi Kurokawa was leading the independent unit that investigated the accident and the Japanese government’s role in preventing it. 250 more words

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