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Emotional Beats: Ways to Portray Desire

Last month, I mentioned the launch of Emotional Beats: How to Easily Convert your Writing into Palpable Feelings. As promised, here is the first installment from the book. 1,025 more words

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Casein and Wheat Allergy Handout


I created this handout for a 7 year old girl who has a casein and wheat allergy. There are various tips provided, as well as foods to avoid and foods to include in her diet to ensure proper vitamin and mineral consumption. Click the link to view! :)

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When Was Your Last Massage?

Let me ask you that again, real quick: When was your last massage?

Did you have to think about it? Then let me tell you this, it’s been too long. 1,532 more words

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Go-To Homemade Products For Skin Breakouts

Here is the blog I wrote for Organica Pure, hope you enjoy! 

Everyone has them; no one wants them, what could they be? Breakouts. You do your best each day to protect the skin you have, we slather face cream to sunscreen on to make sure our skin is as soft as it looks like in the movies or in magazines. 539 more words

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A Crushed Heart

There’s a heart, so much in pain

He has hurt it – because he’s vain.

Cruel and ruthless did he say,

She can’t be herself, he wants HIS way. 134 more words

💾 Memory Issue 💾 // Jaffat El Aqlam

Jaffat El Aqlam is an e-magazine that contribution of different artists, writers, and photographers or any talented person. It comes together and publish their works in one platform. 285 more words

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Weekly Work

This week work was actually really simple. For some reason it just made sense to do an installation of my previous painting. Since I’ve done installation before and something really similar to installing a the space of an identity this came naturally in the idea process. 216 more words

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