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Image for Practice 1 - Keyword "silence"

For my project in the module Practice1 – I  looked at different ways of representing “silence”. I experimented with a number of ideas including showing silence as the lack of communication between two people. 146 more words


Order of my method in creative process of this assignment: I have started out from ‘technique’, moved to ‘content’, and finally to ‘meaning/concept’.

  1. Technique

I tried out the techniques involving physical texture. 811 more words


Reflection on the Experiments

Initially, all I wanted was to produce illustration works by using oil paints combined with some other media to create ‘texture’. Since I have been painting with oil for a very long time, I can execute each piece in a relatively quick manner; contrary to the common belief by non-painters that oil painting requires extensive time. 1,010 more words


Final Fabric Illustrations

27 November 2016

Subsequently, after trying media/techniques relative to ‘texture’, I continued to explore more. I further researched and brainstormed the key word ‘texture’. After additional days of contemplating, some definite thoughts came to my mind. 718 more words


Experiments with Textile

23 November 2016

I threw myself on another experiment not with the brand new media, but with something I am somewhat familiar with. Furthermore, I decided to take more time brainstorming in a less conventional manner. 136 more words