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Just a 6:59 mile, no biggie

Didn’t have much time to exercise today, but I figured another a sub-7-min mile would at least help me maintain my fitness. (Missed yesterday — this week has been completely nuts and I actually did this run around 9:30pm.) 30 more words

My Workouts

A week of workouts

Tuesday, Apr 21st:

Did some cycling intervals at home.

Wednesday, Apr 22nd:

7.5 mile bike ride up to the beginnings of the Minuteman Trail.

Actually, I accidentally started on the wrong trail, but it didn’t matter because a minute later, my chain popped off! 203 more words

My Workouts


New PR for the mile: 6′ 51″. And on Marathon Monday too!

Maybe I’m not so bad at this running thing after all.

Feels great to be in the “6 minute club.” Definitely a lifetime record. 169 more words

My Workouts

First bike ride of the season

Did my first bike ride of the season today. I rode over to the stadium area and practiced a bit to make sure my bike was in working order, then rode up to Alewife via Mass. 329 more words

My Workouts

Finishing the week

I ended up skipping my run on Wednesday to recover my legs, and got in the pool for a swim on Thursday. My lap times seemed pretty good; I did 10x intervals at 35 seconds per lap.   202 more words

My Workouts

Quick update

Realize I haven’t been posting much, but here’s basically what happened:

Did burpees on both Thurs and Fri to take a break from running. Was out of town this weekend. 78 more words

My Workouts

Solid Intervals Tuesday

Went to the indoor track for intervals this morning. My usual workout is 2.67 miles.

I managed to push through the first mile in around 7:58 with some serious shin splints, but I had to stop after that. 148 more words

My Workouts