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#100daysofjumping - "The 100 Day Project"

DISCLAIMER:The photo I used does not belong to me, it belongs to Elle Luna, from her Instagram

So tomorrow “The 100 Day Project” is starting, AKA the start of me jumping for 100 days. 356 more words


Happy Friday lovely ladies & gentlemen!

I am very excited about today’s blog post in particular because it truly speaks to me. For so many years all I have wanted to be is skinny. 616 more words

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'Twas An Amazing Day...!

Good evening, or more like Good night my incredible followers!

I am sorry it is so late, today has just been one of those days. So as you can all see the title of this blog post is ‘Twas An Amazing Day…!” and it was just that!!! 301 more words

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End of the Semester Blues...

Good evening my lovely fans!

I am sorry that I did not post this weekend, I was very busy between school, work, family and friends. However, as usual just because I did not post does not mean that I still wasn’t working very hard behind the scenes to accomplish my body goals. 275 more words

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'Cize' Dance Program Review

This is going to be the fist post in a series where I test out different exercises until I find a workout routine I enjoy, and will keep me fit and not bore me to death. 491 more words

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On The Road to a Better LIFESTYLE

Good afternoon my lovely fitness junkies like myself!

I hope everyone has had a rather exciting and relaxing Thursday so far. I have done all my studying, my workouts, and fueled my body for success. 516 more words

My Workouts

Transformation Tuesday!

Good evening Beauties!

Today has been a productive, yet extremely tiresome day. I woke up early this morning as always, and completed all of my studying and homework assignments. 191 more words

My Workouts