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I don't have a name...but it hurts. BAD. #legday

Good luck.

  1. Squats – 2 warm up sets of 15. 4 working sets, 20, 15, 12, 10
  2. Leg Press/Lunge Superset – 3×50/40
  3. Quad Extension Dropsets – 3×12,12…
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My Workouts

Run 2015-03-26

Solid run yesterday, did 2.67 miles at a 7:20 pace. Now I just need to bump it up to 3 miles at a 7 minute pace! 8 more words

My Workouts

Run 2015-03-23

“Feels like 4º” outside so I ran indoors.

Did at 7:24 mile, then jog-walked the second mile.

I was pretty pleased by my mile time, even though it wasn’t a PR. 345 more words

My Workouts

Bulk Legs

This workout is great for adding size and mass to your legs and butt! Complete it and see if you can walk normally within 4 days! 50 more words

My Workouts

Continuing with bike

Two days ago (Tuesday), I had a hard time completing the workout — I think my legs were just shot from training. So I decided to take a rest yesterday (Wednesday). 148 more words

My Workouts

Back on schedule

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’ve been sleeping a great deal over the past few days. Indeed, sometimes I get so tired that I can barely read my computer screen.   230 more words

My Workouts

Snow day, part 2

Another blizzard today, with school canceled and me stuck at home.

I’ve managed to get in a couple more workouts — biked on the 5th and 6th, and did burpees on the 7th. 88 more words

My Workouts