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Continuing with bike

Two days ago (Tuesday), I had a hard time completing the workout — I think my legs were just shot from training. So I decided to take a rest yesterday (Wednesday). 148 more words

My Workouts

Back on schedule

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’ve been sleeping a great deal over the past few days. Indeed, sometimes I get so tired that I can barely read my computer screen.   230 more words

My Workouts

Snow day, part 2

Another blizzard today, with school canceled and me stuck at home.

I’ve managed to get in a couple more workouts — biked on the 5th and 6th, and did burpees on the 7th. 88 more words

My Workouts

13 minutes of pain

As I’ve mentioned, this week has been pretty bad in terms of work, so I’ve been trying to find workouts that don’t take too much time. 215 more words

My Workouts

Snow Day and Burpees

Skipped my workout yesterday due to work. With more work today and the pool closed due to the blizzard, I decided to do some burpees… 195 more words

My Workouts


I went paintballing for the first time last night. I told myself that it could probably count for a workout, what with the running around on-and-off for three hours. 235 more words

My Workouts

Spy Pond Morning Ride

A repost of an old one to deal with WordPress image size issues.

My original bike ride was in October 2014.

My Workouts