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Swimming is Hard

I had no idea until I started swimming. I hear about open water swims that are 1-2 miles and I always thought “oh, short swim”. 1 mile is short walking or running. 343 more words


Parenting doesn’t have to be hard

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I\u2019VE always believed that parenting is the most important job in the world. 3,784 more words


The most powerful question you can ask

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A FEW years ago, a participant in one of my workshops told a powerful story. 4,886 more words

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New Reps & Sets Decided

Not going to make entries for each day of my workout anymore, it takes too much time to do it that way. At the end of each week I’d rather just post the full week in one entry of what that week consist of. 349 more words


Is this Love? Or Just Infatuation?

I skipped swimming  last night due to a migraine. But I was back tonight!

Was similarly quite tonight. There was a guy standing in the lap pool but no one else swimming. 112 more words


Regarding my Workout 

Hi again…

Okay there are two more things I decided to change up again regarding my program.

First is the cardio again. Although it is a great idea to do it in the mornings, I decided I’m gonna do the cardio on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 190 more words


Day 1 New Gym Membership

So I found a gym near me that has a pool, and it’s open 22 hrs/day. Membership is quite a bit more expensive than the YMCA would be, but the hours are much better compared to limited lap swim hours in the morning at the Y. 428 more words