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[My Work] Mafia Boss Character Model

the 2d concept art belongs to it’s rightful owner, the SOSfactory, I’m just modeled it in 3D for practice only and no commercial intended

this are one of several other character in Mafia Death web game. 31 more words


[My Work] Mafia (again) Base Mesh 3D model

Base mesh/ simple mesh in 3D. want to create something simple yet so memorable. hemm let see…..okay Mafia then! most everyone will notice he is Mafia in a first glance. let’s hope so!


[My Work] Evil Looking Character Model

The real tittle would be the ‘Antagonist’ but, there is an Ambigous term of that word thought. The Antagonist are… in term of theory, they’re a person/creature/anything that oppose the main character in one story, technically speaking, in some complex story, they don’t need to appear as an evil looking things. 29 more words


[My Work] National Museum - Simple 3D

Simple 3D model of National Museum in Jakarta. okay, why I called it simple? because it’s……simple. It’s not as detail as the real one that already exist. 10 more words


nathanael | my nephew

at maxi’s restaurant, bandung – 2015

at floating market, lembang – 2013

copyright (c) by galih sedayu
all right reserved. no part of this pictures may be reproduced in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical including photocopy, recording or any another information storage and retrieval system, without prior permission in writing from photographer.

Galih Sedayu

Two Hearts Sewn Together

by Patricia Elisse

Different fabrics with different colors

Various patterns all with various textures

Several cuts and folds

Designs that wave never seem to look old… 488 more words

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