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All that matters

All I could remember is,
Your eyes
That shined upon me
like the brightest stars
in the whole galaxy ..
And your smile
Like an ark built in heaven… 14 more words



They say life is a journey
with only one obvious destination
No matter which route you take,
you’ll always reach there in the end
So what, if you’ve missed… 23 more words


Cyber Monday Sale!

Happy Cyber Monday, shoppers.

Since it’s the day of online deals,¬†Kevin¬†is on sale for $.99. That’s not even a dollar! But it’s for Cyber Monday only! 104 more words


The world we live in

“I fell in love the very first time I saw you. You just looked so damn cute in that white dress, just like an angel. And I’ve never seen an angel before in my life. 225 more words


Edge of the sky

Remember the time when you told me
While holding my hand and pointing
To the horizon where the sun disappeared
That, it’s not the edge of the world, it’s… 52 more words


Little things

It’s the little things that
you’re always going to miss
Like, that cold rainy evening
in your dear old hometown
The very first time you made… 115 more words


Meet me in September

If you ever find a time machine
Go where no one had gone before
Witness the rise and fall
Of empires and civilizations
Rewrite pieces of history… 195 more words