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Dear Losers

I wrote this little poem back at this time where I felt like I was near the rock bottom of my mental state. I can say I’m at a much better place right now, sitting on the floor against a bookshelf and expressing myself on my laptop. 222 more words

Islands of Hope Update - 20/01/2018

Well here we are again, another Saturday, another ‘Islands of Hope’ update. You know I think I use that phrase a lot as well as the one that will inevitably be at the end of this post. 118 more words



In a cafeteria outside my room, I went to collect my tea on the house. My mother was on the other side, serving me with bread and eggs. 126 more words

My Works

वो बिगड़ता है तो बिगड़ जाए

वो बिगड़ता है तो बिगड़ जाए
ये बता दे कि दिल किधर जाए

मेरा दिल है गले का हार नहीं
ज़रा सी चोट पे बिखर जाए

Tauseef Warsi

Islands of Hope Update - 13/01/2018

Here we are again, back to normal with the latest ‘Islands of Hope’ update being on a Saturday. Managed to get around 700 words down this week as could write on my phone whilst I was away. 137 more words


SochiLLBeats - Series 04(Afro Gospel freebeat)

When you hear the sound tag ‘itz SochiLLBeats’ in any beat, be aware the hit maker, SochiLLBeats is on the beat.

SochiLLBeats is one the 042’s super producers. 44 more words


The 4 reasons Player Unknown Battlegrounds is doing it right

It has been nine months since Player Unknown Battlegrounds (colloquially known as PUBG) entered early access back in late march and about two weeks since full release.   576 more words

My Works