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Short Story Collection, Round 1 Poll Results!

The results are in!

Or… perhaps, that’s what I would say if things turned out differently. 579 more words


Flash Fiction Friday: Anchor Yard

What’s up, everybody? It’s time for Flash Fiction Friday.

This week’s piece is inspired by the Random Image Generator.  You press a button, it comes up with an image, and you make something based on that image.   1,075 more words

My Works

Memories of a Good Friend

A slow guitar hums in the background and I run through my thoughts of you. You were really a good friend, soft and tender to me all the time. 314 more words
My Works
  • “If you don’t let me in that room he’s going to die, and then me and you are going to have a problem. Understand?”

“Listen pal, I don’t care if /immediate family only/ are allowed to see him, if you don’t let me into that hospital room and he dies then you and I are going to have some problems, understand?” The petit female growled, her finger jabbing the doctor in front of her in the chest, an angry glare set onto her face.

My Works
  • “If I end up strangling you to death one day and show a jury every pun you’ve ever told me, they wouldn’t convict me.”

Twirling a lock of hair absentmindedly, Lydia attempted to on the school work in front of her, but was finding it increasingly difficult with Stiles spouting off puns every five seconds.  72 more words

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A night of relaxation and epiphanies.

With a unanimous vote to take a break from hunting down the Horcruxes, the “Golden Trio” resumed their old hobbies, which meant that Harry and Ron played a game of Wizard’s chess while Hermione nestled down into a corner of the tent with a book. 122 more words

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Feeling lost

She knew that he loved her. He was not just a friend for her. But there was someone else, for whom he was the universe and it was that someone who deserved him. 111 more words

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