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स्मार्टफोन हराउनेहरुका लागि

स्मार्टफोन बोकेर मात्रै स्मार्ट भइदैन । केही स्मार्ट उपाय अपनाउँदा फोन हराए पनि त्यसका डाटा नहराउने बनाउन सकिन्छ ।

My Works

The Concept of Family

A friend of mine said her family doesn’t eat dinner together
“Absurd!” I exclaimed, “That can’t be true!”
The thought that five portions had trouble coming together… 80 more words


"The Sea is Calling"

lay on your back
face up
eyes closed

bask in the warmth
as the sun bakes your
skin to a light red

beads of sweat streak…

40 more words

"Small Suns"

The trees in the grove
behind the house are full
of succulent fruits. Oranges

weigh down branches, hanging
suns. Blossoms dangle
above, fluffy clouds.

Children play beneath the clouds…

34 more words

"Life of a Surfer"

wind whipping hair
water gently spraying across your face
arms spread wide
catching passing wind
cutting through thick salty air
board under your feet
gliding through the barrel of the gun…

25 more words