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Rhodanthe* - 「夢色パレード/My Best Friends」

2015年4月29日発売のRhodanthe*のニューシングル、TVアニメ「ハロー!!きんいろモザイク」オープニング・エンディング「夢色パレード/My Best Friends」の編曲を担当しています。

作詞:yuiko/作曲:Meis Clauson/編曲:上杉洋史

My Best Friends
作詞・作曲:中塚 武/編曲:上杉洋史



Wax mushroom

Trying to work with layers and small spaces… it is not working so far but I will not give up.

The desing is by my respective teacher.


Five Sentence Fiction: Memories

Memories? Oh, yes, there were memories. They haunted him every moment they could—her pure white arms, her glittering sapphire eyes, her ample waist… Each of them was but a simple specter slithering in his mind, tormenting him. 37 more words

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The Distraction 

The Distraction

Jake came home to find Sophie in the exact same place he had left her eight hours earlier. In bed feverishly working on her big presentation for a potential new bride. 579 more words

persekutuan anak & hutan

oleh galih sedayu

“Mengajari anak-anak tentang alam bukanlah dengan bercerita kepada mereka tentang alam, melainkan mengajak dan membawa mereka langsung untuk merasakan alam”. Barangkali pesan itulah yang semestinya diwartakan setiap saat kepada anak-anak kita di era yang serba instan ini. 265 more words

Galih Sedayu

Threading the Chord: Parts 1 & 2

It’s so bright. Is it always this bright?
I can’t breathe…. Oh god it hurts. Oh Jesus…. I can’t do this.
It’s too much, I can’t handle this. 335 more words


Faint tongues of bliss
Whispers through my flesh
Gossamer swathe of light
Heats tremorous veins
One silken kiss
i tremble,
a paperflake of ash
beside a flame.

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