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On Endings...

I just wrote the last line of my Into The Forest Series and words can’t describe how fulfilling and saddening it is to see it go… 191 more words

Young Adult

Islands of Hope Update - 16/06/2018

Well I am not sure how I managed nearly seven hundred words for this week’s ‘Islands of Hope’ update. It is report writing season, and as a teacher that teaches nearly four hundred students my writing this week has been about them. 141 more words


The Wisdom of Walt Disney Relaunch!

Today we’re announcing the relaunch of my essay collection The Wisdom of Walt Disney: The Themes, Ethics, and Ideas of His Greatest Films. In it I take a closer look at twelve of Uncle Walt’s most important films to dig out the morals and ideas woven into the story: essentially, considering the films as examples of wisdom literature. 80 more words


Geowisata: Sawahlunto Kota Tambang

Geowisata merupakan pariwisata minat khusus dengan memanfaatkan potensi sumber daya alam seperti bentuk bentang alam, batuan, struktur geologi, dan sejarah kebumian, sehingga diperlukan peningkatan pengayaan wawasan dan pemahaman proses fenomena fisik alam. 60 more words

My Works

For Now

With what it seems like an inevitable split,

I am doing what you’d say ‘quit’,

we have to carry on,

our lives are moving on. 77 more words


KETERJADIAN BATUBARA OMBILIN: Hipotesa Pembentukan Cekungan Ombilin

Berdasarkan tempat terjadinya dikenal dua teori pembentukan batubara yaitu Teori In Situ dan Teori Drift. Batubara merupakan suatu lapisan padat yang penyebarannya adalah secara horizontal dan vertikal dalam suatu cekungan sedimen. 73 more words

My Works

Islands of Hope Update - 09/06/2018

Between the school reports I am writing and the vlogs for World Cup Dreams, I have actually managed to write. Posting a shorter update last week gave me more time to write something longer this time around. 158 more words