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Yes, that’s right! I published Voxel Tanks: Security Breach on Google Play with some new controls!

While I was thinking on what could be my next project, I decided to push a little more the development of Voxel Tanks for a mobile version and I did a lot of other awesome stuff. 113 more words

My Works

[My Work] NG world building - Amur Frontline Redoubt

Redoubt or you also can call it a stronghold/fortress. The wall that hold the glorious story along with the burden of responsbility to protect the city and it’s people. 68 more words


[MY WORK] NG world building - GAHADARA GATE

NG = Nagarasantara Generation V.4.0.0 (the 4th remake lols :p)

i’ve been practicing creating not just a story but a world that will have a sense of ‘history’ in it, even it’s just a fiction. 79 more words


[Team Works] RPG Project - Update 00

Recently with the newly,freshly,timely release of RPG MAKER MV, with my friend, we begin a game project based on the old time imperfect ideas. Still a scratch but the first concept will be like this… 110 more words


Flash Fiction Friday: Challenge by Chuck Wendig

Alright, so now that I’m back to blogging again, I thought I’d try to up my writing ante by participating in this week’s Flash Fiction Challenge… 2,305 more words

My Works

फिर याद मुझे तुम कर लेना

कुछ वक़्त गुज़र सा जाने दो फिर याद मुझे तुम कर लेना
सूरज को सर पर आने दो फिर याद मुझे तुम कर लेना

है ढोंग हमारा रिश्ता अब तुम मानो या फिर ना मानो
इस सच को घर कर जाने दो फिर याद मुझे तुम कर लेना

Tauseef Warsi

timing in braneworlds

A quick thought. I feel that braneworlds is certainly my most coherent work to date – and this is regardless of whether the exact execution of the ideas (do the ideas work on the instruments? 421 more words