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The year that was, the year that will be

My friend asked me how was your year. I replied dismissively, so-so. Majority did not go as planned but there were a smattering of some good things. 492 more words

My World In 4D

Concert At The Park: A Wells Fargo Black Tie Event

Touted to be the biggest one ever held as EGS celebrates 5 years of existence, the year end would not be short of phenomenal. From the music by the Philharmonic Orchestra down to the food catered by Bizu, Wells Fargo team members are abuzz with excitement. 270 more words

My World In 4D

Gratitude, Pasasalamat, Gratitudine

This is my simple way of saying Thank You papa God and Padre Pio for the gifts you let come my way.

I prayed for the perfect man for me and you gave me someone who is too scarred, too rough on the edge, too proud, too brazen. 125 more words

My World In 4D

The Story of Us

It may be too preemptive to write a story that has yet to unravel but then again if not now when. The start of our journey was not tumultuous but rather it was not my usual either. 833 more words

My World In 4D

Downtime on a lazy Sunday

There is something rather calming about just waking up late in the day, sipping a hot cup of coffee and lounging lazily on my day bed. 241 more words

My World In 4D

Inside the White Walls

One thing wrong about watching too much of House is that you get paranoid about being in a hospital. The disinfectant in the air, the white walls, the hustle and bustle inside the ER carry with it a certain eeriness that I cannot fathom. 258 more words

My World In 4D