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Open season for female scientists

A post on the Soapbox Science blog

Because I’m a zoologist working in a rather gender-balanced and female-friendly environment, I have for a long time thought that the discrimination of women in STEM is a largely exaggerated problem. 665 more words

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Marrow for Days

Today my mum picked me up from my student accommodation and helped me back, it was strange leaving student life behind with the knowledge that I don’t know when or what my next move will be. 230 more words

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Random Thoughts On What To Write

The funny thing that most writers quickly learn is that once they start writing they find that they have more ideas than they have hours in the day.  1,252 more words


How scarfs led to fan fiction

I could have called this post “weaving not writing” as that pretty well sums up the past month. However, my writing deamon is never to be outdone by the crafting deamon and so decided that, while I indulged in my new hobby, I’d write some fan fiction in my head. 108 more words

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Spilled Ink

Spilled ink

Across the page

Forming the shape of us

Never wasted words

But rather

The paint swept across

A canvas

Showing the beauty and detail… 14 more words

My Writing

Talkin' Bout My Generation

What secrets does the spirit
of the age divulge?

Allow me, for a moment,
to indulge my insecurities,
anxieties, and the fierce funnel
of chronology in which… 65 more words