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First Empress Prologue (scene 1)

Hi folks! So in preparation for NaNoWriMo, I’m going to go ahead and post excerpts to my blog and Tumblr. Partly I’m hoping for feedback, but I also just want people to be able to read and enjoy. 2,505 more words

Period Fantasy

My Book

I have a book, it’s been a hard work of mine I’ve been trying to get out there. If you can take the time to look, it would mean a great deal to me, thank you

– Astral


Sing Aloud

Rib cages sing aloud

Cast away that shroud!

The fire is not so hot

Your flesh can survive that rot

No need to keep this pride… 7 more words


Oh Poor People

Oh being poor is not so bad

You gain so much character

Why do they seem to whine so much?

Hunger can’t hurt that bad… 32 more words


tiger, burning... (2)

part 2 - tea with jade and tiger

part 1 (the cold mountain)

“Cold Mountain holds a naked bug. Its body’s white, its head is black.  1,168 more words


No There

No There

No, little one, my little one. Please, I beg of you. I ask you nicely because I love you. Do not. Just do not go there. 113 more words

My Writing