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Happy Mabon!

Wishing you blessings, abundance, and prosperity in this harvest season!

May you have a wonderful autumnal equinox!

Erika @ Striped Stockings Studio 11 more words

My Writing


When is a date not a date? When one of the people on it has no idea that it even is one…

For those of you who follow/have followed me elsewhere, you might recognise this story in another guise  2,441 more words

My Writing

Narcissus is a Human Being


We learn around high school about Greek Mythology; about Zeus and Hera, Apollos and Daphne. Allow me to draw attention, most unironically, to Narcissus. For those who don’t know (or were asleep in history class), Narcissus was a hunter, known for his beauty, proud and disdaining those who loved him. 707 more words

So this happened...

I came across the Greenlight Adaption Contest—a contest adapting novels to screenplays and then into movies—and thought, “Sure, why not?” I had extra in my budget. 596 more words


Short Story - Sisters and Best Friends

Hello Everyone!

I’ve written another short story that I’d like to share with you all. The prompt for this story is actually not from the tumblr site that the previous ones were. 585 more words


The inspiration behind The Standing Stone Book Series - Home

Even though our house only had a tin roof, heating was various and I spent sleepless nights wondering if we’d made a huge mistake, within a year I’d written the first in The Standing Stone Book Series, Home for Christmas. 383 more words

My World

New release! Wolf in the Headlights

This has been a long, long time coming, but at long last, I have a new book out. (Hard to believe that when I started writing, I was able to put out a book every three months.) Here, finally, is the cover and blurb for… 875 more words