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New Year, New Feature: a Speculative Fiction Writing Prompt

I wish you all a wonderfully creative, happy, healthy, and safe new year, full of laughter and love.


After 5+ years of blogging, I thought I’d try something new… finally. 223 more words


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Writing prompt challenges are definitely a fun way to get some words on the page! Here's one from D. Wallace Peach that uses an image for inspiration. What inspires you more: a word/phrase or an image?

Diary Drabble: Damn

“You don’t mean it.”

Nathan’s heart was in his throat. This couldn’t be it, couldn’t be the end of everything after three whole years.

They’d started to build a life together, already shared a home. 69 more words

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#BlogBattle: flower

January 2019 Blog Battle

Our word this month is:


BlogBattle for January 2019

Here’s a little something I wrote just for #BlogBattle

Blue Ribbons and Flowers… 654 more words

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Things I love, vol. 25 - Snowstorm edition!

We finally got a respectable snowstorm in DC last weekend, and it reminded me of all the lovely things that can happen when the snow doesn’t stop falling for 33 hours! 174 more words

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Diary Drabble: Easy

In school, he’d always thought studying was easy. And through college, his bachelor’s degree, and even his masters, Aaron had never found learning that hard. He’s dealt with difficult clients and impossible deadlines all his adult life. 63 more words

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Diary Drabble: Thunder

The rain has been falling so long that the sound of it has become little more than background noise. Though a flash of lightning far too close for comfort gets their attention, lighting up the lounge. 67 more words

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Diary Drabble: Stable

This is about as far from his life as it’s possible for Will to get. Gone is his open-planned office, the regular arguments about whose turn it is to make a round of tea. 66 more words

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