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Works in Progress Blog Hop

Works in Progress Blog Hop

I was nominated for a Works in Progress blog hop by Crystin Goodwin. I know I don’t do this kind of thing very often, but Crystin’s debut novel, UnBlessed, has been on my TBR list ever since I read Jesse’s fabulous non-review… 784 more words


You Are My Want

You are my want

You are my need

You are my desire

You are my salvation

Of sin

A sin I wish

To bathe in… 33 more words

My Writing

My Body Is Your Parchment

My body is your parchment

To write upon

A flourish of words

Blinding in their beauty

Perfectly created

And molded to their subject

As a second skin… 22 more words

My Writing

On Writing

I have lived a thousand lives
But none of them my own.
I don’t wish to be a writer
We are compelled to write.

The boy who loves language… 162 more words

My Writing

But when our lips touch and our tongues dance,

you ignite a fire that licks slowly through my body and lights me up from the inside so I am no longer lacking, no longer nothing. 24 more words

My Writing

A Letter To Remind You Who You Are

Step back, get up son
Get back in the ring, you are not done
This is not the destiny you’ve been spun
You’re not leaving here lifeless… 372 more words

My Writing

When The Winds Blow

The Winds will never cease
For none can halt their passage,
They rumble without head
Unhearing cries from their baggage.

In joy they urge you onward; 64 more words

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