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Need Some Help.

Thank You to all the bloggers I Follow for all your wonderful Posts You have been a great inspiration for me

And Thank You, WordPress Bloggers , for stopping by, viewing,  & following my blog, Knowing the fact that I am still a newbie.That’s why I am here, cause I am confused about this blog. 51 more words

My Writing

I am Your Nightmare

What was that?

The question echoes in my head, a recurring, rhythmic sound, a parody of a heartbeat that sets my own chest ablaze with ecstasy. 253 more words

Creative Writing

The Wedge 

I am a wedge in a circle,

But a single part of a problem,

My contemporaries are my peers,

Equals in size and appearance,

We overlap and join our sides, 34 more words

Creative Writing

Happy birthday Mom.

Today you would have been 66 years young. 

But instead you are eternally young in Heaven, 

I love and miss you every day Mom. 

I hope you are having a blast up there.  48 more words

Pics I Like

Loves To Undress

He undresses her slowly

With his eyes

For he is unable to use his own fingers

To unbutton

To unlace

To peel back

And expose worshipped expanses of skin… 111 more words

My Writing


I wake, and for some moments I am dazed,
So swift was I abandoned by my dreams.
Across the room, red numbers on the clock… 81 more words

My Writing

Bad days

On bad days their voices echo
in my head and the imprints
of their fingers are shadows
I can never chase away.

I watch a cardinal’s flight… 86 more words