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The Painful Road of Life

Growing up is inevitable, a process that can bring a lot of pain, moments that can make you stronger or weaker. When we are at a young age, it’s hard to imagine the challenges we will face, the success that we will have, the people we will allow into our lives. 1,338 more words

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Claiming the Earned Income Tax Credit? Be Prepared to Substantiate Earned Income

This post originally appeared on Forbes.

Most taxpayers are – or should be – aware of the need to substantiate deductions claimed on a tax return. 624 more words

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To See or Not to See

Lily was clairvoyant. She knew, not guessed, that she could see the future. It often came to her at exactly the wrong times, say during a math test or while giving a speech. 415 more words

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There Is A Voice In My Head

There is a voice in my head.
There is a voice in my head who sounds like me.
It sounds like me, but it isn’t me. 115 more words


Filter the impulse,
pulse a hummingbird
flickering paper wings beneath
thin papyrus skin–
a battle of breaths
you can’t hope to win
when hearts crack like drywall… 99 more words


True Love

In the end, it’s how it pans out that matters. If we feel caged maybe the love we thought was true wasn’t really true at all….

~ Nikki Anne Schmutz



Last week, I found this image on the internet and made it the desktop image (?) on my phone to remind me to stop looking so woefully on the past. 332 more words

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