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Jack stretched up just enough to peek down through the tinted glass of his office window at the protesters gathered outside holding hand painted placards and could only bring himself to sigh. 1,350 more words

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Thought of the Day

Today, I fit into a pair of pants I was never able to wear before. Ladies, it’s O.K. not be a size zero. Shame on the media, and the fashion industries for promoting body-shaming, and eating disorders!!!Shame on the companies that only cater to small sizes!!!


Shopping in Sheffield

Although people will claim that meeting friends and such stuff is the most exciting part of university, the simple truth is that the best part is receiving your student loan. 437 more words

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Non-Drinking Nights in Sheffield

It may be hard to believe now, but at some point in your university career you will realise that you just can’t face another hangover. This doesn’t mean that you have stay in your room all night, though. 444 more words

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Review - Hope is Strong

Saturday 17thFebruary 2018 – Sunday 10 June 2018

Millennium Galleries

In a world whose troubles are constantly screamed about by the media, it is easy to become thoroughly depressed by the apparent state of things. 456 more words

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Your Fave Could Never ... Be Perfect?

How to deal with liking problematic media.

Perhaps one of the defining traits of childhood is innocence. When we are young we cannot imagine that there is bad in the world, and so we love things wholeheartedly. 770 more words

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Get Your Shit Together

It’s easy to let things slip as a student. A missed lecture here, a midday nap there and before you know it you’ve been in bed for thirty hours and have toast crumbs down your pants. 338 more words

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