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I’m very proud of myself

I set out with the intention of writing and I actually did it. I put words on paper. But not like for any of my WIPs, no no I started a new book (series). 85 more words


Story from the past

“What is sex?” Kaylie our oldest asked my husband.

Dirk concern about what to say gave his best explanation to our then young daughter – appropriate for her age and hoped that she didn’t have anymore questions. 41 more words

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my love

my love.

go inside my heart, and
you will find flowers there.

my love.

go inside my heart 
and water each one of them.

my love. 66 more words


Fear of It

You were not a simple time for loss,

Mom taught me such elegant things

She failed to mention ‘death’

It’s got to be contained in hospitals… 63 more words

Storm Fever

You’re still sick
Not like the ‘sick and tired’
How our moms tried to excuse
Their fifth glass of wine,

You’re suffering headaches
Like throwing fits and yelling… 94 more words

Bared And Armored

This facade he wears is not something thrown together one evening on a whim; it’s a wall he’s been perfecting ever since he discovered the power of hiding behind a mask as a teen. 3,649 more words

My Writing



       My family was perfect. We ate out together almost every week, and my sister and I got whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted. We jet-skied every summer and snowboarded on Mammoth Mountain every year without fail. 2,558 more words

My Writing