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So, today I might have accidentally initiated gang warfare between rival crafting clubs at work. I really did not mean to, but these things happen, you know? 207 more words


You Are

You are the sacrifice needed
to complete the circle made
You are strength well-gathered
to spend and save the day
You are the brighter future… 44 more words


The swells of my imagination

I navigate the swells of my imagination

anticipating each wave

with an unsullied perspective

allowing the current to guide me

to lead me where it will… 43 more words

My Writing

My Plea for Life

Want to know a secret about me? I’m a Netflix addict. Just about every day I get home from work, I sit on my couch, turn on Netflix, and eat ice cream. 1,054 more words


Desire Comes

The block of houses disappears
into a cold pocket of air.
And the space it leaves
invites one to cram in all kinds
of minutiae: rocking chairs, spare tires, 64 more words


How's your blog doing?

‘How’s your blog doing?’ This is the question I am asked most frequently by those who know I write, which isn’t too many in my everyday life. 642 more words


Black women's burden

I’ve been thinking about this so much since this weekend. About what it means to be at the intersection of Black and Woman:
Feeling like you can’t say anything because your assailant is held up as an outstanding pillar of the Community. 275 more words

My Writing