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Free Stories from the Original Green Crystal Stories, 8

While I rewrite the stories that appeared in my 2014 book, The Green Crystal Stories, I’m offering the original stories here in chapter-by-chapter installments. So far, teenagers Vree Erickson and Lenny Stevens have battled hellhounds, Vree found a magic crystal that took possession of her body and killed two men, and yesterday she and Lenny parted after the magic in her put a boy and girl inside a computer game. 2,053 more words


The Long, Tall Grass

Take me in the long, tall grass

Where the wildflowers scent the air

And the sky is the only witness

To our passion

Where my naked skin… 63 more words

My Writing

Sea Request.

Coursing violently and silently,

Hinder the unforgiving self, please.

All are not as brave as you,

Retaining screams and pink cold knees. 58 more words

My Writing

I Have Returned From the Deep

So, I’m back from France after one and a half weeks of bliss: eating good food, learning interesting things and having a really pleasant, relaxing time not ripping my hair out over work – despite the hectic four days afterwards where I had very limited time and energy to pack all my things and drive 300 miles back to University. 288 more words