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#0250 - Karen

   Why:  Just curious what everyone thinks

Age: 32

Country: USA




my other ear

check and its own pause

and leap

as its own earn

and dealing

as the choice

and took as the seeking

and held as the noise… 47 more words


What Should My Internet Speed Be For Online Gaming

What should my internet speed be for online gaming

The FCC’s Broadband Speed Guide gives you estimates of the speeds you need for one person to do one thing online at a time. 621 more words

Where Is My Water 2 Online Games Funny Games

Where is my water 2 online games funny games

Funny Games. Play online funny games, 5 minutes games, and fun games online to play. Login or Sign sUp. 585 more words

Why Does My Computer Freeze When Playing Online Games

Why does my computer freeze when playing online games

Computer freezes up while playing games on fb. Tags: Computer. game. problems. The screen freezes every time otherwise computer seems ok, I play one of several games and after completion the whole screen freezes and I can do Some games play just Some pogo games freeze and cause my computer to GTA V PC Freezing Issue. 576 more words