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People often ask me, “What are you attracted to?”
And I always answer, always gaily, writers.

There’s something spellbinding and covertly sexy about a person who can pensively express their thoughts and feelings through words. 116 more words


Margaux Lonnberg 

The feminine tomboy. Bed-head. Denim cut-offs. Leather jackets. Makeup-free. Boy shoes. Loose t-shirts. Rad-ass ink.

The effortless Persian beau in all her glory (how is she even in her thirties?):


Sarah Palin Champions Unwed Mothers, the Disabled, and the Towel Charm

From the moment Sarah Palin stepped on the national stage she aligned herself with unwed mothers,

and the disabled.

Now she has become the champion, and outspoken defender of towel charm entrepreneurs. 394 more words