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Commitment is ...

“Commitment is a definite, well-considered act in which a person turns his or her life over to the Lord so that He can do whatever He wants with it. 70 more words


It must be everything for Christ or nothing ...

“It must be everything for Christ or nothing. No longer can we fritter our lives away in trivial pursuits. No longer can we be content to be what J. 48 more words


Being hopelessly(romantic) yourself!

it wasn’t just escapism he persuaded  himself .sometimes the best ideas occur to you while your mind is occupied with something completely different but you never know pieces of the puzzle can suddenly fall into place. 219 more words


Only in Naples: Lessons in Food and Famiglia from My Italian Mother-in-Law

Full of lighthearted humor, sumptuous food, the wisdom of an Italian mother-in-law, and all the atmosphere of Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan Novels, this warm and witty memoir follows American-born Katherine Wilson on her adventures abroad. 57 more words