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My Favourite Jams Of The Week

Every Friday I’m going to try and list 15 songs that I was really vibing during the  week.

Let’s get started, shall we?

  1. Acid Rain by Lorn…
  2. 118 more words

How I Got My Job At An Amusement Park

I tend to stumble upon a lot of people who ask me how I was able to get a job at a very famous amusement park. 407 more words

My spray paint work

These are just a few pictures of canvas that I have done hope you enjoy and if you would like one email at peterscottliverpool1@gmail.com

Chapter 1 : Back to Childhood Part 1



I immediately open my eyes and realized I was sleeping at the bus and hit the bus window while the bus suddenly braked because of a cat suddenly crossing-by the road. 673 more words


Cách Mua hàng Mỹ giá rẻ nhất trên Amazon

Cách Mua hàng Mỹ giá rẻ nhất trên Amazon

Thị trường mua hàng Mỹ hiện đang được nhiều người mua quan tâm. Với ưu thế phát triển của mua sắm online- thương mại điển từ, mua hàng trên amazon, Ebay từ Mỹ đang trở thành xu hướng trào lưu phổ biến ở Việt Nam. 461 more words


12 Musical Quotes

I love quotes. It’s so interesting for me to hear what, for example, Frederic Chopin thought was the “crowning reward of art.”
This post contains some of my… 283 more words

La Musica

hiking Mount Baldy

I took the Ski-hut-trail to the peak and then the Devil’s backbone to come down. It may look like a normal hike of 10-11 miles but the ascent is an unpaved steep trail filled with boulders and occassional shade. 135 more words