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Unforgettable Mandalay~ 

Innocent, untouched, warm, human, uncorrupted, devout, kind, charming…. the people I am meeting in Myanmar. I find myself smiling constantly and feeling grateful to be experiencing a culture so rich, and I pray for the hands of our modern world to go easy in their inevitable plans of tourist invasions and homogenization.

Day 2~ Myanmar


Of Nuns and Monks

Three boys pose at the dilapidated balcony of the local monastery in Bokpyin, Thaninthayi region in Myanmar.  Buddhist monasteries largely depend on the generosity of the local population to build and improve their structures and facilities.


Myanmar Bentuk Komisi Penyelidik Kekerasan Rohingya

MYANMAR, FOKUSJabar.com : Pemerintah Myanmar menyatakan telah membentuk komisi khusus untuk menyelidiki latar belakang terjadinya serangan kelompok bersenjata pada sejumlah pos pengamanan perbatasan di Maungtaw, bagian barat Rakhine, pada 9 Oktober lalu.
Melansir CNN, Sabtu (03/11/2016), Komisi…

2 Months of Traveling in Asia

A short video that describes 2 months of traveling in Asia. Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Bali.


Itinerary Yangon and Bangkok in 5 days

Day 1: 6:30 am Depart at NAIA Terminal 3 in Manila

  • Manila to Bangkok flight care of Cebu Pacific (with return flight) = 4,367.93
  • Travel tax paid at the airport (can now pay online) = 1,650.00…
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Travel Asia

my trip to the market

It is Sunday morning. I was woken at 7 by Myanmar pop music streaming from The Loud-Music Monastery, which is the one around the corner from Snake Street. 661 more words

Life on water

Lake Inle is one of the largest lakes in Myanmar, with a surface area of over 100 square kilometers. Most of our movement was in very shallow water, through watery villages, and canals cut into various islands. 1,014 more words