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Hey! I welcome me to this world of blogging.

Who am I? Am sure no one cares. What do I do? Umm will skip this. What are my interests? 244 more words

50 Facts about me :)

What is your middle name?:  Rebecca, Which is my mothers name.

What was favourite subject at school?: Drama (slight drama queen)

What is your favourite drink?: Diet Pepsi… 238 more words


Hey lovies! Big hug to all! 😁😘

Long time no blog? Aww.. not a problem! Here’s an amazing one waiting for you now! Btw; how have you all been? 346 more words


Growing Up (With Society and stuff)

Do you remember any of your first memories?  The fuzzy ones that stuck at the back of your mind all these years?  How young were you?  1,093 more words


First Blog Post

Note:  This is quite long because I ramble on about various things.  There are a few points at the bottom listed covering the main points.  My future blogs will be shorter. 1,203 more words


Διαγωνισμός #18: Κέρδισε ολόσωμο χαλαρωτικό μασάζ @MeliSpa Massage

Hello αγαπημένο μου Online παρεάκι! Πώς τα περνάτε?

Ελπίζω  να κάνετε ήδη διακοπές…!  Εγώ περιμένω ακόμα να έρθει αυτή η μεγάλη στιγμή και μέχρι τότε τα λέμε φυσικά καθημερινά #onair 16:00-18:00 στο … 34 more words



Здравейте, хора. Това е моя блог и в него ще споделям лични неща, цитати, книги… И каквото още се сетя. От доста време обмислях идеята да си направя блог. А преди няколко дни ми се случи нещо, наистина хубаво и допълнително ме насърчи да си направя блога. То може би ще е нещо, по-скоро като дневник.