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I Wish I Turned Purple. Don't You?

The funny thing was, I actually did eventually turn purple! :D But let me back up a bit.

One of my least favorite jobs early in this process was having to ‘smell’ or ‘test’ things to see if they were safe. 747 more words

Toxic Black Mold

When You Can't Save Your Kids...

Last week I received my oldest son’s laboratory results. We knew this was an insurmountable obstacle we would have to one day face, not knowing how long I have had Lyme Disease and coinfections for…. 1,210 more words

Large Family Life

Oh, my mold! Our latest "adventure".

I am writing this on a new keyboard, with a new mouse, on a borrowed table, in my parent’s basement. This is not what I expected my life to look like as a 30 something. 628 more words


8 Risk Factors for Autism

Many people are aware that the number of cases of autism has been rising over the last few decades, but everyone is still fairly in the dark when it comes to knowing what puts unborn children at increased risk of developing the disorder. 1,248 more words

Biological Medicine

Nature: The Original Chemist

We frequently see a contrast drawn between what is “natural” and what is “chemical.” Sometimes products are described as “chemical-free” even though every physical object is made of chemicals. 1,418 more words

New Mycotoxins Mould/Mold Toxins Test

At last, I have managed to get my hands on the RealTime Labs Mycotoxins test for you and have listed it on the shop. Not cheap by any means but, since inhaled mould toxins have been linked to quite a few chronic diseases in recent years, it might be money worth spent to check it out of your illness is not resolving and you suspect it. 949 more words

TGF News

The Truth About Those Trails We See Frequently in Our Skies

Here is a short video I put together myself back in 2013. In 2008 I’d photographed the lines in the sky I’d seen, then again in 2011, and having seen the odd headline about ‘chemtrails’ I decided to research them. 709 more words