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Another day of mold to battle

As I stated yesterday, two of my clients live in a home where black mold is infesting their very living space. I cleaned out black mold from the bedroom windows, casings, screens, walls, baseboards, floorboards and even some off from some furniture surfaces where it was making its way along. 248 more words

Elderly Care

Two in One

Two entries. One day. Appointment was mortifying… Definitely the worst I have had yet. My doctor literally RAN out of the room to end the appointment. 572 more words


But Mold is Everywhere!

Another possible piece to the puzzle.

Short and sweet… We live in mold capital USA. I was living in an older, probably moldy house for almost 3 years. 712 more words


Why Can Cheese Age for Years, Yet Get Moldy After a Short Time in my Home?

It depends on the type of cheese.  Many cheese makers use molds, which is a commonly used name for dry spored fungi, in the production of various cheeses (especially the Blue or Green cheeses). 231 more words

Today I Learned

Swine Producers Encouraged to Test for Mycotoxins

Mycotoxin test results for corn have been quite varied across the province this year. Producers are encouraged to test their corn and get individual results.  A… 15 more words