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How You Can Adapt A Comprehensive Strategy Of Mycotoxin Analysis For Your Animal Feed – Alltech MIKO

The contamination of animal feed with growing variations of moulds is leading to the rise of cases of mycotoxin poisoning in livestock. This is of grave concern for livestock farmers due to the subsequent impact on animal health and performance. 182 more words


How the Alltech Mycotoxin Management Program Can Break The Cycle Of Livestock Infections from Storage Mycotoxins

Toxicity in animal feed is one of the primary issues that most livestock farmers are facing in modern times. Technology has provided alternative feed arrangements to help livestock farmers cut back on feeding costs. 59 more words


5/24/16 - Dr. Hildy® and Dr. Leo Galland - Your Mystery Symptoms May Be Hidden Allergies - THE ALLERGY SOLUTION

 5/24/16 – Dr. Hildy® and Dr. Leo Galland
Your Mystery Symptoms May Be Hidden Allergies

Tuesday, May 24,  2016 – 12:00-2:00PM Pacific… 932 more words

Candida - the war rages on

Well yeast likes two very particular things:

Sugar (and things which are turned quickly into sugars in the body: i.e. refined carbs)


I got an insight today when praying – this was the phrase which came to mind: 235 more words

Mould on your food

You’ve bought a fancy artisan wholemeal bread made from only natural ingredients, no preservatives it proudly states. It was expensive so you only eat half of the bread, saving the rest for another day. 897 more words

Dangerous Foods

Psst ... Your Compost May NOT be Dog-Friendly!

Yes, it’s true; your compost is environment-friendly and waste-reducing, but it might also be dangerous to your dog(s), pets, wildlife and humans.

Here’s what you need to know … 177 more words


The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Good:  we have more answers and we have new treatments underway.

The Bad:  I have levels of lead in my body that are (as my doctor puts it) “respectable” and as high as those who have been affected by the water contamination in Flint. 263 more words