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Ahh bollocks

I had a dream earlier, I thought it would make a great story, but I am shit at storytelling.

I could probably get the premise across, but things like trying to explain the place using good adjectives is where I would get stuck. 69 more words


Spam Bots

I see the spam bots are getting through. Either that or they are stalking my comments on other people’s blogs.

Its nice to be loved


I came, I saw, I ran away.....

Yes thats right, I managed to do monkey’s sports day, well most of it. It started at 9.15am and finished at 12pm, plus you had the option of staying with a picnic till 12.45pm. 175 more words


I am not looking forward to this

Monkey has his sports day today, two and a half hours of trying to make small talk with other parents. I am hoping, they will just all ignore me and I can sit and watch him, with the occasional pretending that I am the only one there. 19 more words



I have in previous days talked a lot about politics, especially how they affect me, I will still continue to do this, what I won’t do is try and give my opinion on other countries politics as if I know what I am talking about. 320 more words


The weekend

I hope you all had a good weekend, it was Father’s day on Sunday, my partner (who is amazing) got up with monkey and took him out. 62 more words