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Four Words that changed my Life Forever...

“Your Dad has Cancer.” 

Those were the first words my mom said to me after they got back from getting the results of my Dad’s prostate biopsy. 808 more words

Words From The Wife

Shady friend?

I’m sure everyone has had or still has that one shady “friend”. You know the type of person who will try and say something nice with a back handed compliment. 423 more words

Happy Birthday Dad!!

Today is my father’s birthday. Today we get to celebrate his 76 years of existence in this world. I am so blessed to have him walk this life with me and enjoy the little things as well as the big accomplishments. 118 more words


The Day my Dad was lost...

I was at the office, working and waiting for my dad to die.

A known feeling.

It was Thursday Dec 11th, 2014.

I think I spoke to my mom more than 50 times on the phone that day. 216 more words


Dad in Pain- Part 5: The Lucidness

My dad had been lucid all along.

He knew that he had cancer,

he knew that his condition was deteriorating,

he knew he was dying. 383 more words


Dad in Pain- Part 2: The Coughing

Maybe nobody defines coughing under the word pain, but I do.

My Dad was coughing even before he was diagnosed.

It is not just a regular cough, it is a deep , strong, intense cough coming from deep inside his lungs. 217 more words


Dad in Pain- Part 1: The Headaches

I am still thinking how he must have felt.

During the 9 months of his disease my dad suffered from a series of symptoms.

Some of them pain-free but torture-full. 377 more words