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The Parent Trap

CLICK!  The sound of being hung up on, now all-too-familiar, again last night.

Only, this time, it was my Dad on the other end.

How is it in the span of less than two weeks, the roles are now completely reversed?   635 more words

Changing Course

“It is a truth universally acknowledged that when one part of your life starts going okay, another falls spectacularly to pieces.” – Bridget Jones

As my parents’ collective health began to fail, two things happened to change my course: 125 more words


“My Mom attempted suicide.”
“My Mom tried to kill herself.”
“She said, ‘I’ll kill myself before I go into a nursing home.'”

Phrases I’ve said repeatedly in the last week of my life. 664 more words

New Roommates

Last week, my Mom and Dad welcomed a new roommate–hospice.  Trudging through a typical Northern Indiana lake effect blast last Wednesday, the social worker who has worked with my Dad for the last six months spoke to us about pain management options.  582 more words



Two words with one huge meaning.

Over the weekend, my father was in the ER three separate times with unbearable pain from cancer.  It is eating him from the inside out.   413 more words

with a dose of deconstruction

If there is a single core to my belief system, it is that pure Love birthed the universe and is the only essence uncreated. At my core is a search for acceptance, beauty, truth, and light. 833 more words