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Minggu sore / malam senin = detik detik menuju senin. (Hari dimana minggu kan kembali pada senin, dan liburan kembali pada aktivitas rutin)

Minggu sore tadi baru kerasa ingin main keluar rumah. 239 more words


Goodbye January ~

Hello everyone! Here’s a semi-quick-non-attempt-at-a-mini-rant update for the month of January and a bit of February.

To begin, I’m sorry for the inactivity, I’ve focused on working more in an attempt to have more money to be able to buy myself some new electronics for this year! 349 more words


This 2015 Title

I never would have imagined I would start this year with a blog post….in all honesty I imagined myself with my family a few hours away, up late, tired and in desperate need of some bubble tea and quite. 239 more words


Lament the Hiatus...

Konbahwah everyone!! I wanted to formally apologize to everyone who is kind and patient enough to follow me on my social media’s. As you can see I am vigorously active on a few and then….dead on others….such as my instagram and twitter, followed by my blog (here) and then completely ignoring deviant, tumblr, gaia…..; A ; If you know me….I could be on them FOREVER and never get tired but I need to finish things and life doesn’t put itself on hold for you to endlessly scroll through your tumblr…sadly… 169 more words


I Accept Liebster Award!

Konbanwa everyone! Earlier in the summer I found out by a wonderful comment that I was nominated for the Liebster Award. What a big surprise! So many “thank you’s” and digital hugs to Shiori¬†over at… 674 more words