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My dear

It isn’t your fault my dear, they shouldn’t have put themselves before you

They shouldn’t have been so selfish and instead they should have showed love and light to you… 143 more words



I am your soulmate….

wait and see



A Love As Real As They Come

everything is manufactured nowadays,

artificial and fabricated,

or so it seems.

but she.

she was handcrafted.

a hybrid of

natural rarity and pure magic,

gifted to her by what is divine. 216 more words

The Art Of Letting Go/Ironic

I hate when someone asks me

“what is your type?”

because outside of you,

i dont know that answer.

i just know that my type… 146 more words

Can I Be Her?

The one in your thoughts when you lay your head to rest at night.
the one you meet in your dreams.
the one who is first on your mind when you wake. 75 more words

This Unspoken Thing Between Us

it doesnt matter where i am

who you are with

where in the world that we are

how far apart we have always been…

i can feel you. 10 more words