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The Purge: Election Year

Plot: Charlie Roan survives the purge 18 years earlier that leaves her entire family dead. She is now running for President in hopes to be elected and abolish the annual purge so that there is no more. 749 more words


The Purge: Election Year (2016) **REVIEW**

I am a huge fan of The Purge franchise. I always being asked why. It’s because these films showing a scary future that might happen if one wrong person get’s elected. 315 more words


Film Review: The Purge - Election Year

Frances Winston feels that this movie should appeal to fans, but it is not for the squeamish.

Directed by: James DeMonaco – Starring: Frank Grillo, Elizabeth Mitchell, Mykelti Williamson, Betty Gabriel, Terry Serpico, Raymond J. 457 more words

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Pledge Allegiance

It appears to be cosmically noteworthy that ‘The Purge’ series is gradually getting better; the first movie was a dire and lifeless slasher horror that squandered one of the most fertile movie ideas in forever as a get out of jail free card for why nobody ever calls the cops. 1,620 more words

Mankind Is Yet To Recognize My Genius

The Purge: Election Year - Review 

Despite a rocky start, James DeMonaco, the mind behind The Purge franchise, proved that the high concept idea behind the films – for one night every year, all crime, including murder, is legal in America – had greater potential than its original home invasion narrative, by opening the story up to wider ideas about politics, race and economics in its 2014 sequel, … 551 more words


The Purge Election Year (2016) Review

So I reviewed a kids film and now it’s time to give my horror fans what they want and review a new horror film. I’ve decided to review the latest Purge film, a series which has changed and evolved quite a lot over it’s trilogy life. 781 more words

The purge: Election day

What a terrible choice to spend some quality time watching movies at home… The first one brought the idea and it was terribly boring; the second one was more violent and there was much more blood (exactly whay you look for when watching these type of films); but this third one (and unfortunately not last) is just a waste of time… 62 more words