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Celebrated Your Love with a Heart-Shaped Balloon? It Popped. Now it's Littering the Wilderness.

It’s your anniversary.


Your daughter just turned 2.


Your friend is laying in the hospital, sick.

You’re driving home and, thoughtful as you are, you decide to pull off the highway and go to the supermarket to get a happy anniversary/2 years old/get well soon balloon. 238 more words

AmeriCorps NCCC


Kyra loves balloons. She loves them in different shapes and colors. She loves them as her favorite characters. She loves everything about them.

Our household may be single-handily be depleting the nation’s helium supply. 517 more words

I Found a Balloon!

As I am checking fields each year, I probably find a Mylar balloon in some field at least 30 times. so if I can find that many how many are actually released and floating around? 234 more words