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La raison pour laquelle le mois de juillet est le meilleur pour magasiner! | ALENA KIRBY

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Présentement, si vous jetez un coup d’oeil aux coulisses des ventes au détail, que pensez-vous trouver? Voici un indice: ho ho ho. 116 more words

Alena Kirby

July 4th - Jessie joins a sled team.

Jessie ran into Angel’s pen, and enthusiastically licked Angel across the face. She whined, and thumped her tail against the ground. Angel patiently waited for Jessie to stop, and when she didn’t, she let out a low but friendly growl. 874 more words


The Myth of Singleness

Aloha! You didn’t expect me to be back so soon did ya ? I wasn’t joking about the showers of posts :p

Frances Okoro of… 1,267 more words


Laughter in the midst of pain.

I found this saved in my drafts. It was composed 23 days ago… I’m glad I read it. I haven’t been feeling okay lately and this reminded me of how grateful I am that I am physically pain-free today. 604 more words

Brandon Myles White

Brandon White is a fitness model with the following body stats: Weight: 230 lbs / 105 kg; Height: 6’2″ / 188 cm; Body fat: 5 to 8%; … 759 more words