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"If there's discretion that you've not abandoned, now's the time..."

Hey everyone. Myles here.

First of all, I just wanted to thank everyone that’s checked out Hey Listen! Music on our first day. You’re the primary reason why we’re doing this: to find/listen/review local and regional bands so that people in the area know of all the fantastic sounds coming from their own backyard. 779 more words


More organology

After my little outline of vocal styles, to be further amazed at the infinite creativity of human beings, do check out the Sachs-Hornbostel (or should I say Hornbostel-Sachs?) system of classifying musical instruments. 268 more words


Tasmania to the Transvaal

The change room at the Western Mine could hardly contain those assembled. With much hand shaking and back slapping, the group of men wished their two colleagues the best of luck – give it to them warm, stay alive and come back to us. 1,243 more words

Chris's Ancestors

Yet more French letters

Further evidence that my taste for drôlerie chinoise is far from recent: a spoof I wrote while helping Laurence Picken with his extraordinary research on Tang music—which I elaborated with another mentor, the great Tang historian… 839 more words


A music critic

Talking of free-tempo preludes

Many years ago (indeed, “more years ago than I care to remember”—a new entry in the Flann O’Brien Catechism of Cliché 111 more words


Hey you

Here’s a typically tenuous connection with ritual. On the subject of transmission, this piece from Stewart Lee is rewarding as ever:

—as well as his still more thoughtful reflections in… 38 more words