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Bennett Interviews Kalin & Myles - Watch

PHILADELPHIA- Bennett got the chance to go back stage at the TLA to meet, music sensations, Kalin & Myles before their show on Friday night. 453 more words


National Cheesesteak Day

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Have you heard? Tuesday March 24th is National Cheesesteak Day!

Today may be a day when many Philadelphians will get argumentative over who has the best cheesesteaks. 98 more words



This story to me is just amazing. When Myles found the 20 dollars he was probably very happy that he would be able to buy his own toy or video game but what amazes me is that even as young as he was, he was able to do something extraordinary which was not giving the money to the soldier but the reason behind it. 14 more words

#063 What the **** do we know

Myles and James sat down to watch the 2004 ‘Documentary’ What the Beep do we know. This film on the surface is a nonsense parade along the psuedo-science quackfeast that quantum science often spawns. 28 more words


Did you know? Myles edition

A long time beta reader of mine suggested I share some tidbits with you all. I’m horrible about getting sidetracked while doing live beta sessions, where gems like this tend to come out. 183 more words

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