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More French letters

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Further evidence that my taste for drôlerie is far from recent: a spoof I wrote while helping Laurence Picken with his extraordinary research on Tang music—which I elaborated with another mentor, the great Tang historian Denis Twitchett. 831 more words


A music critic

Talking of free-tempo preludes…

Many years ago (indeed, “more years ago than I care to remember”—a new entry in the Flann O’Brien Catechism of Cliché 106 more words


Hey you

Here’s a typically tenuous connection with ritual. On the subject of transmission, Stewart Lee is always rewarding:

and his still more thoughtful reflections in How I escaped my certain fate… 40 more words


A Czech mate

Along with Flann O’Brien, high on the guest list for my fantasy dinner-party would be Jaroslav Hašek— “humorist, satirist, journalist, anarchist, hoaxer, truant, rebel, vagabond, play-actor, practical joker, bohemian (and Bohemian), alcoholic, traitor to the Czech legion, Bolshevik, and bigamist”. 444 more words


Last Look at Bentley & New Beginnings

It’s been roughly three months since my last check-in to Wild World, and that’s been starting to bug me. The prospect of pulling all the weeds, getting my bearings, stamping all the cockroaches in my house, made me kind of hesitant to play. 339 more words

Wild World

Vision For Your Life

I heard this quote from Dr. Myles Monroe “sight is a function of the eyes but vision is a function of the heart”. Vision is what you focus on until your desired results are fulfilled.  59 more words

Transition: The Beginning

An opinion is unique. Everybody has one. Some converge, others don’t. Some walk the same path but on a different journey. An opinion is, however, just that. 1,324 more words