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#TwinTuesday: The Good the Bad and the Ugly of Wearing Glasses

Just in case you haven’t noticed from the numerous pictures I post of the three little browns… the twins wear glasses. At the tender age of 3 I noticed that Myles was crossing his eyes. 423 more words

3 Little Browns

#097 - Glyphosate Probably Doesn't Cause Cancer

Myles and James review the recent report from the WHO’s IARC devision on glyphosate. In May 2015 the IARC released a press release detailing their findings on 5 herbicides, one being glyphosate, the active ingredient in roundup. 72 more words


#096 - What Are the Risks of Cannabis

Myles and James are joined by an old favourite of ours, C0nc0rdance to talk about Cannabis. C0nc0rdance believes that for too long woo and bad science has been allowed to infiltrate the discussion around the safety of this drug. 27 more words


#095 - Hacking and the Broken Internet

Joe joins the nerds Myles and James to talk about all things computer security related. Hacking has become a serious threat to national and personal security. 9 more words


#094 - FOIA to attack a scientist

Myles and James are joined once again by Kevin Folta to talk about the outcome from the FOIA requests. Kevin is being accused of being in the pocket of Big Agro for having a fund allowing him to engage the public about what the science actually says. 9 more words


#092 - Red Dwarf

Myles, and once again not James, is joined by Buck and Skeptics with a K’s very own Mike Hall to talk about the great sci-fi show Red Dwarf. 43 more words


Support Your Kid's Dreams, but Bring Tissue.

Just outside the Leafs Ice Arena in Normal, Illinois the side walk and parking lot were filled with anxious parents waiting for their dream chasing sons to emerge. 1,266 more words