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You Rock so have my Sock

Is it really possible to be this in love? This feeling encompasses everything. My every thought. My every dream. Every time I cook bacon. Every time I throw a ball. 103 more words


Nit Rolled

“I’d rather be slow rolled than nit rolled!”

So said the poker player on my right, a familiar face who for purposes of this blog I’ll call “Myles.”  Myles had just made a river bluff on a board of K-Q-T-9-x and the other player had taken about a full minute before calling with a J in his hand to fill in the straight.   268 more words

Poker Scene

My Little League Player of the Week

At 6 years old, this guy has tried many different activities in the search for discovering “his thing”.

First there was soccer.

Which was a great idea. 451 more words

My next move

It’s true, Myles’ training is fully underway and he is an excellent student. He listens and obeys and does exactly what he is supposed to do. 340 more words


Khisho Sunday Inspiration: Know Your Purpose

Mark Dvoretsky was a Russian International Master, trainer and writer. But eclipsing his international master title, was his training ability. Along the way, he found his purpose in chess writing and training, compiling scores of chess books and videos that has helped a lot of people all over the world, even disadvantaged youths from 3rd world countries with books that have produced masters. 640 more words

Puppy training

Myles is really enjoying his puppy training. When I mention the name “Keagan” he runs to the door and hops up and down. I think it is because he just can’t wait to sink his teeth into the fresh skin that awaits on the other side! 377 more words


Ritual 2

So this weekend I moved into the new place. The task was simple. I had to do a cleansing ritual and make the place feel like home. 497 more words