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Shrink Fibroids Naturally - It's A Proven Disease Of Free Radical Damage To The Uterous

The next time you hear that uterine fibroids are genetic in nature or due to your “hormones” you will know different after you read this. Both of these boogy men causes are just that – boogy men that don’t exist. 610 more words



As advised by Dr. Robert Lee of Mackay, my multiple myoma need to be removed first before peforming IVF. Immediately after we came back from Taipe, I went to my OB Dr. 429 more words


Multiple Myoma

In my very first transvaginal ultrasound in 2004, result indicated that I have a subserous myoma, with size of about 2 cm. in diameter. As explained to me by our doctor then, subserous myoma are those develop on the outside of the uterus and normally have the least symptoms. 418 more words



This was a 48 year old lady who was seeing me on and off for diabetes mellitus and systemic hypertension . She came to me a few months ago for uncontrolled diabetes. 360 more words

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It's a Girl!

The dad is still outnumbered in our household. Though I wanted a boy this time, maybe I was meant to be a mom of girls. Still very happy though. 133 more words


Placenta accreta

My pregnancy journey this time has really tested our family. With my first, except for that terrible bout of pregnancy rashes, I was otherwise fine. 457 more words