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Wonderful video of a baby getting glasses for the first time

I saw this video and just had to share it (with the permission of the parents, of course!).  The baby is 6 months old and has just gotten his first pair of glasses for myopia (nearsightedness / shortsightedness) and astigmatism.   205 more words

Babies With Glasses

World Prematurity Day - Visual issues associated with prematurity

Today, November 17, is World Prematurity Day (yes, the byline for this blog says Nov. 18, but it’s still the 17th where I am).  It’s a day to focus attention on the global problem of premature births.   277 more words

Strabismus (misaligned Eyes)

Reader request: anyone's child with antimetropia (one eye farsighted and the other nearsighted)?

This comment came in yesterday, and I have permission to re-post it here, as Giri is looking for other parents facing the same situation.  – Ann Z… 163 more words

Babies With Glasses

Reader request: questions about extreme and possibly progressive myopia

Penguin has a daughter with extreme, and possibly  posted some questions about her daughter who has extreme and progressive myopia.  She’s hoping to connect with other parents who are facing a similar issue with their child and has a lot of questions.   805 more words

Toddlers With Glasses

Reader question: clumsiness due to vision issues, or normal kid clumsiness?

This question came in from Ingrid, whose daughter Paris is 3, and wears glasses for nearsightedness in one eye, her other eye needs no correction (anisometropia). 198 more words

Toddlers With Glasses

your stories: growing up legally blind

Many thanks to Melissa for sharing her story about growing up legally blind.  I hope you enjoy it, and find it as helpful as I did.   656 more words

Toddlers With Glasses

Better and better...

 My son Nicholas has ectopia lentis, a congenital condition that causes his natural lenses to move, or dislocate, from their normal position.  As a result we’ve had to manage high myopia, anisometropia, amblyopia, and the associated patching, glasses, replacement glasses, and even more replacement glasses since he was 6 months old.  193 more words

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