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Stars at night. (My poem)

I look into the sky and with all my might, I try to focus on the stars at night, thinking what a beautiful world we live in as the wind so warm and rough blows against my skin, I take in the feeling God has given. 99 more words


You are

I keep on hoping though I’m not allowed…

You are my dream, my fruit forbidden.

My pain, my hurt, my deep distress,

My quiet corner in a crowd, 155 more words


Quick Lasagne

It doesn’t take a lot to make a good lasagne, as long as you layer this gorgeous pasta dish generously with tasty things. This sauce is basic, but not only do the cherry tomatoes make it colourful,  they also give a nice twist to the original bolognese sauce.  357 more words



​Tierd and bored,

Need somebody to hold.

Need comfort, need sleep…

..I think I want my number one cup of tea.
That should relax me, it should feel nice. 308 more words


I Can’t Do This on My Own

Last year I started a journey to read my bible and pray everyday but after a week I quit. I told God I was too busy. 212 more words


"یہ دن چڑھا مبارک, مقصود جس میں پاۓ"

فضلوں نے تیرے مالک وه دن هیں پھر دکھاۓ

مہدی کے تیرے مہمان دور دیسوں سے آۓ

رنگ و بو نرالے هر چمن کی بہار


“Saturdays are like relationships. They come once in a while and you never know what they will bring”

by NU