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“Saturdays are like relationships. They come once in a while and you never know what they will bring”

by NU


Unknown 1

I was born to massacre nations.

I was taught a thousand ways to make a man bleed.

I was schooled in the ways of a killer. 14 more words

Dead To Me

They were dead to me.

Pushing and Pushing.

Yelling and screaming.

They were dead to me.

Fighting and Killing.

Bruises and scars.

They were dead to me… 9 more words

Short Collection of Poems I Wrote

This will be a small group of three or four poems that I have written I hope you enjoy them and please do not copy them. 158 more words


Mid-Life Crisis.

Hello there bloggers and readers! How are you guys? I haven’t update for a long time because I kinda busy with works and everything. But my life pretty much the same every day, so…. 312 more words


I want to feel how it could be.

I want to know what everyone’s talking about.

I want to understand this craving.

I want to know the touch of someones skin against mine. 26 more words


Traveling thousands of miles,

I cant help but think of what i left behind.

Who i left behind.

And how the distance has changed me.