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I want to be a rainbow, that has manny color. Colors that represent me. Red is the color of fire and blood represent my strenght, power, determination as well as passion, desire and love. 145 more words


Love for me is my family, who was there always for my needs. When I have problem’s in my life, they are in my side. They know what is good and bad for me. 58 more words


I'm Addicted

I never felt so free until I met him

He changed the game

Changed my way of thinking

Making me want to be a better person… 89 more words



It’s apparent that the hurt is still there

But it’s easier to pretend it’s fair

I don’t like to talk about it with the ones who care  144 more words



Reminiscing of my past decisions 

Considering how I could of done things different

Terrified of the thought of you

Breaking me down like you had no clue… 8 more words



I sit here in aweh because there’s something about you

Something I need to feel, something to hold onto

Can’t seem to get you out of my mind… 120 more words



Title: 안녕Hi~
Length: Drabble, 345 words
Rating: G
Tags: fluff, teacher-student relationship, high school!au
Pairing(s): Him aka whoever/Park Nara (OC)
Adds: –
Summary: They exchange messages then they meet at the parking lot. 454 more words