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The Scars remind me of who I am

Todays fotoshooting.
It was an awfull lot of work with the make up. I have no idea where all this stuff came from, maybe my little sister (14) bought some, but we had incredibly much more than the last time. 101 more words

You can't go everywhere, but you can atleast try

– Anna Coranth

Hiking all day

Complain about the Climb

Swimming in the Morning

Complain about the Cold

Everything hurts, but the View was great. 54 more words

Show Color!

I love the Summer! It’s my favourite Season.

(apart from Fall, Winter and Spring ;) )


Again a Collage, this time with pictures of me.
I really like it, I must admit, I look better than normaly. Pretty … that’s strange ;) 6 more words

I don't know

So, I have really NO idea what this Picture is going to be, but I think I promised you to put it online this evening and because of the fact that I am still the little girl and really need to go to bed, I’ll post it here unfinished. 16 more words

Together - or not at all!

A Collage I just made and I am very proud of it cause it is quite handsome.

I had little problems with the pictures, so some look a bit strange, but I’m still a rookie and this is only number 3!

River and Eleventh

So, my second Pic today.
I used the same basics as for the first one.