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Mio from Nichijou

More recent fan art drawn in MyPaint entirely with the Mojo brushes.

All except that outline around the lettering. MyPaint doesn’t have selection tools, so even though the decorative lettering is done in MyPaint (with the Mojo Calligreffects brush), I have to take that layer into Krita in order to complete the final special effect.

Moko wizard

Tomoko Kuroki as a wizard for a Watamote DnD group. This was done entirely in MyPaint with the final version of the Mojo brushes, apart from the outline around the sound effect. 40 more words

Mob Psycho 100 fan art

Mob, Reigen, and Pimple, er, Dimple, all drawing and painted in MyPaint, using the Mojo brushes. Most of the painting was done with the Watacolor brush, including the weird green background (making liberal use of the size slider).

Pretty Mokocchi

Tomoko Kuroki from Watamote, pencils and wash (two layers) using Grafight and the Watacolor brush from the Mojo set in MyPaint.

Spidey bust

Don’t do much superhero stuff, but it’s time to test out the Mojo brushes on something different. Fan art done entirely in MyPaint.

Skull Stencil

I was asked to help with a woodworking project and build a stencil for a large (18″ tall) skull that would be painted and then areas be cut away.  93 more words