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Adorable Owl colored

I thought this little guy looked like he needed some color, so I tried to do a quick wash on the computer.  We also made a trip recently to our local second hand LEGO store, and I picked out the pieces to make two-toned, squatter, slightly kookier version of the inspiration for this doodle.


Lumberjack Bust

I’ve been pretty busy lately and have severely lacked in the posting department.  What little I have drawn I’ll be posting over the next day or so, and hopefully get back to more regular posting. 18 more words


Duck Tales Returns

I recently heard that Disney will be creating a new Duck Tales series, and I thought I would doodle up the boys.  Not sure why I didn’t pick Marvel heroes, but this is what popped in my head. 6 more words


The Lethal Weapon

I should know better by now than to deprive myself opportunities of fresh fun – how many years was it before I finally put that Carpenters CD on? 807 more words



Sometimes creativity strikes it the weirdest way… I was working on a tangle that is more ocean-y and was looking around for some ideas to add when I came across a… 82 more words


Lanky Monster

This weekend we added a scrawny, big earred, long neck, lanky little monster to our family named Scout.  Hopefully our sophisticated madam of the house will take to him.


Voltron - Legendary Defender

The creative team behind Avatar: Legend of Korra released a new Voltron series a few weeks back on Netflix! (we binge watched it in the first three days…)  I’ve been meaning to doodle some part of the new design so here’s what I came up with.