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Myra - Marcus Harvey

There are many evils in the world.  On a small scale… Anchovies.  On a larger scale war, murder, rape, abuse, bullying… we each have our own version of what evil looks like, yet we unite in the iconic images which represent an wrong done or atrocity created.  931 more words


Turkey Road Trip Day 2: Phaselis, Myra, Kas

I completely overestimated how many of these sites I’d be able to see in a day. Again, not realizing the scope, grandeur and just the general stunning surrounding landscape – it was hard to pull myself away. 854 more words


Uncover Night- 5/4/18

​Thursday nights are a bit of a nothing night.

Not quite the weekend, not feeling as relaxed and refreshed as the beginning of the week. It’s easy to forgive anyone who wants to stay in and wallow into nothingness. 885 more words

Treebeard R1/18

Treebeard is a young black lionhead buck born towards the end of 2017 who came to us after gaining a bit of internet notoriety by straying over Christmas. 86 more words

Everything Rabbit