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Six - Mapping - Myra Shimada

The process of group map making was messy, challenging and confusing. The large scope of Climate Change made it difficult to gain a focus. Even as we narrowed the topics down into more specific areas, the topic remained complex and difficult to get our heads around. 312 more words

Myra Vitasmooth Hydrating Facial Wash

Hi, lovelies! The weather has been really hot lately, hotter than the usual but that doesn’t stop me from reviewing items! Haha~ So, for today, I’ll be giving my two cents about Myra’s Facial Wash! 403 more words


Five - Ethnography - Myra Shimada

While many remain largely ignorant to issue of climate change, my conversation with Jonty revealed that there are also those who are passionate and try to stay aware of the issue. 1,337 more words

Four - Green Pedestrian Crossing - Myra Shimada

There is something unique about design that allows us to capture and communicate ideas in a way that is memorable, surprising or thought provoking. It is, therefore, an ideal way to address the issue of climate change as it has the potential to make it more accessible and easier to visualize for a wider audience. 215 more words