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Game of Thrones: Mother's Mercy. AKA The crap all your book reading friends have kept a secret from you since you said, "I'm going to start watching Game of Thrones."

Seriously though all your friends that have read this series and encouraged you to watch the show have been waiting for this moment to see your reaction (well and your reactions to Ned, the Red Wedding, the Purple Wedding, etc). 1,757 more words


Game Of Thrones' Sansa Stark Is Out Of The Fire And Into the Furnace

Game of Thrones episode 6 aired on May 17th, and between another horrible wedding, quick wits, and yet another trial, it left a lot of people shocked and horrified… 723 more words


Do I Really Want to Keep Watching "Game of Thrones"?

Why did they end the episode that way? Yes, I understand it carried the most weight of any of the scenes from episode 6, but it sure left what had been a very enjoyable episode on a very, very sour note. 1,192 more words

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Those tweets tho'

Ah the wonderful world of Twitter. I wonder how many of their 300 million users actually enjoy summing up their thoughts into an insubordinatley small amount of characters on a daily basis, whilst simultaneously being aware these thoughts must be phrased in an incredibly witty way to ensure any size of readership. 206 more words


Cojo--the Angry, Spiked Gorilla!

I finally got around to finishing painting the last member of my Claw and Fang crew box–Cojo, the big, angry, spiky gorilla! I am really happy how he turned out and am really glad I decided to give him an icicle as a club. 269 more words


Marcus the Beastmaster

In an earlier post I asked you all to heap your shame and scorn upon me if I didn’t post a finished photo of one of five miniatures within one week from the aforementioned post. 291 more words


I'm back (again)!!!

It has been apparently been almost exactly six months since the last time I posted anything up here. I felt like I had been doing a decent job of posting at least once a week and then *BAM!* life gets crazy busy and all of this falls by the wayside. 687 more words