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Myrna Loy is still in the competition!

Yes, I’m happy to tell you that Myrna Loy, star of the 30’s is still in the competition. I’m happy because I’m the one who “represents” her. 106 more words

Movies Of The 30's

Past Imperfect - #139

Hmm. Myrna doesn’t look all that “sincere” to me. Did she get second billing after William Powell again?


Geneva Sawyer

Geneva Sawyer never made an impact as an actress, but turned around her career by becoming the only female dancing director and choreographer in Hollywood – and a highly successful one at that. 2,363 more words


Myrna Loy and Her Little Voyeur

The modern Olympics began on this day in 1896. A notable decline in competitions of a more intimate nature began right about that same time. 158 more words

Mary Joy Salter

Myrna Loy: Winner of The 2015 Favourite Classic Movie Actress Tournament : 30's

Congrats to Myrna Loy, winner of the 2015 Favourite Classic Movie Actress Tournament for the 30’s and also one of the four finalist for the last step of this tournament: select THE big winner of this tournament. 57 more words

Movies Of The 30's

Shadow of the Thin Man (1941)

Been awhile since I last caught up with Nick and Nora, and it’s nice to see that little has changed. This time the plot involves solving a rather bizarre case of a shower room jockey murder (I did quite like how absurd the answer to the murder was) at the race track that then leads to, I kid you not, the seedy underbelly of a (wrestling) gambling syndicate and a subsequent murder. 232 more words

Watched Movie

Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House (1946)

It only took six months, but I finally got around unveiling my giant Cary Grant DVD boxset and Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House got the honor to be the first one I sat down with and watched. 453 more words

Watched Movie