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Being Like Whale

“Affirmations are a way for the Human Animal to claim their Goodness, and feel It within their beingness.” ICrow

“We cannot say that one thought is creative while another is not. 479 more words

Creating Dogs, Kittens and Deers

“That which you have will save you if you bring it forth from yourselves.” The Gospel of Thomas

“There is the manner in which Nature creates-It contemplates. 472 more words

One with All

“In the beginning, God” Bible

“There is One Infinite Mind which of necessity includes all that is, whether it is the intelligence of man, the life in the animal, or the invisible Presence which is God. 432 more words

18 Nov 2014/Sacred Cow and Dog

So as I go out onto the street of Mall Ave, here in Lucknow, of Uttar Pradesh, India to feed what I call a Prayerful Feeding for the Street Dogs, I hear a Cow “mooing”. 586 more words

13 Nov 2014/Wasp and Butterfly

My husband, Ron, has been ill almost all of his stay in India. What they say about India, “It cannot give you what you do not already have inside you.” Also, “If there is anything inside you that you have not dealt with, it will come forward and, here in India, it will be intensified. 667 more words

6 Nov/Dachshund Distemper

This is a belated story; however, one I feel the pulsating desire to share. This Dachshund was brought to an Animal Ashram I was volunteering at in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India. 422 more words

2 Nov/Hanuman Monkey

Hanuman, the great, powerful, protective Spirit. This Spirit is known as a bachelor, not “normal” for a woman to do; however, in my Soul, it has been coming to me to do. 498 more words