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EA was making an online MySims game for 3DS

The MySims games have been gone for the past few years. However, there was a plan to bring MySims to the Nintendo 3DS. MySims Friends entered development at the end of 2010.   55 more words

EA Cancelled An Online Only MySims Game For 3DS

The MySims series has been absent for the past few years. While it seems EA may have retired the series, there was a plan to bring MySims to the Nintendo 3DS. 76 more words


5 Things in Games that are annoying

Sometimes you get a game that is absolutely amazing, but it has these little things that just make you want to break your TV with your controller. 604 more words

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I’m trying out a comic book sort of thing. I might play with seeing what sort of layouts I can get away with in Tumblr.

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5 of My Favorite Non-Canon Ships... Er... "Socks"

So recently my significant other made a blog dedicated to shipping, or as she calls it “socking”,(she asked that her blog remain anonymous) and as a tribute to this blog that I don’t know if I’m grateful for mad at, I’m going to tell you about my favorite ships in the gaming universe. 852 more words

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